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Yes, Mangoes Could Be Our Next Superfood!

by 266 266 |

Mangoes are our go-to fruit in the summer due to its availability and deliciousness. But studies are starting to show that the mango may be the upcoming new superfood that we need to start adding to our daily diets. Why? Because of the cornucopia of nutrients and anti-inflammatory properties it possesses.

A new study conducted by the Department of Nutrition and Food Science at Texas A&M University and the Department of Nutritional Sciences at Oklahoma State University showed promising signs that consumption of mango produced anti-inflammatory effects and helped show postive benefits to the metabolic process.

In another study done by the same university, researchers connected the changes in their test subjects’ metabolism with the gallic acid, galloyl glycosides, and gallotannins found in mangoes. This connection was made in both lean and obese test subjects who ate mango continuously.

The third study released by the university found that obese volunteers who consumed that 400 g dose of mango pulp for 42 days experienced a positive change in their gut microbiota. This was shown in an increase in the bacteria associated with the lean subjects and a decrease in the bacteria associated with obese subjects. This postive change could lead to improved absorption and metabolism.

If this research is verified in other research studies, this could mean that we have more ways to reduce chronic inflammation and metabolic disorders through dietary changes. So, perhaps, a mango a day can keep the doctor away.