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Genius Life Hack to Carry Baby Car Seat Going Viral

by 295 295 |

Car seats are difficult to carry properly and a lot of new parents complain about back pain. This amazing video is from Dr. Emily Puente, it gives us a much easier way to carry around your child’s car seat, and it won’t come at the expense of your back!

We suggest trying it first without a baby strapped in, just incase!

With the car seat stable on flat ground, bend your knees and start by looping one arm in through the handle, as if you’re about to cradle the handle in the crook of the arm. Second step, turn your hand (palm facing toward the floor) and grab under the bottom of the seat. Remember to bend from the knees as your stand and not with your back, see the video for proper positioning.

It’s simple and effective, now go and give it a try.