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You Need To Embrace This Swedish Fitness Trend

by 4024 4024 |

Plogging‘ is the new fitness trend to embrace.

You’ve probably seen this fitness trend moving its way through the news this week. It’s taken social media by storm and for good reason! You’re getting all of your cardiovascular and exercise benefits, but you’re also helping out Mother Earth by picking up trash.

According to Washington Post, ‘plogging’ is a combination of the words ‘jogging’ and the Swedish word ‘plocka upp’. In this case, you would be picking up litter that is out on your jogging route. Sounds simple enough, right? This particular fitness trend can be seen throughout Europe, but should be picking up more in the United States now that plogging is trending.

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The Swedish-based fitness app Lifesum does acknowledge plogging as an actual exercise and has it registered in the app. According to the fitness app, a 30-minute plog burns around 288 calories, compared to 235 calories burned just from jogging.

Why does plogging burn more calories? Think of it as combining jogging with squats. You have to squat down in order to pick up the trash, which engages your body’s muscles in many different ways. Doing a plog once or twice a week can help add spice to a daily jogging schedule. Just make sure that when you do go out to plog, that you bring a trash bag with you to make transporting trash easier.