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Surprising Way Your Phone Can Help You Workout!

by 410 410 |

Our smart phones are basically attached to our hips these days. We use them to manage our lives and calendars, so we might as well involve them in our health and fitness too. Of course we can use our phones to watch workout videos on Youtube, that’s an easy one. Also, there are also some great fitness apps that you can download. But, there is another great way to use your device…

When you’re working out at home, it’s important to make sure you are using correct form. So many fitness beginners cut their training short with injuries due to improper technique. Check out this latest home-hack from LeafTV and let us know what you think…

From LeafTV Youtube:
The Surprising Way Your Phone Can Help You Workout
So THIS is why all of those IG yogis look *so* good! This is the best (& easiest) hack to make sure you’re aligned properly to reach your fitness goals. Best part? All you need is your phone! Checking your form is the KEY to keeping your body safe while working out. Plus, you’ll look great while doing it. What’s your favorite yoga pose? Comment below, share & SUBSCRIBE for the best wellness & fitness hacks!