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3 Fool-Proof Remedies for Vanquishing Afternoon Brain Fog

by 4186 4186 |

It’s 3pm and you’re struggling to stay awake at your desk. Lunch seems like it was weeks ago and there’s still two more hours left in the day! You can’t concentrate, your focus is low, and your motivation has sunk to zero. Afternoon brain fog is a feeling some people know all too well.

Brain fog can be a real productivity killer. Many people try to jumpstart themselves with energy drinks or another cup of coffee, but while these caffeine infusions might give you a temporary boost to get you through the end of the workday, they can also cause you to crash as soon as you get home or even interrupt your sleep cycle.

Instead of losing the better part of your afternoon to brain fog or trying to clear your head with caffeine and sugar, give one of these fool-proof remedies a try first. You might discover you had more energy and focus than you thought!

  1. Eat a healthy lunch: One of the biggest causes of brain fog is a carb-heavy lunch that lacks nutrition. Instead of microwaving a boxed meal or ordering takeout, try to pack a healthy lunch that’s rich in protein and nutrients. The natural sugars and fiber of fresh fruit will give you a great mental boost. Likewise, leafy greens or fish can prove to be superb sources of protein and are part of an already-beneficial anti-inflammatory meal plan.
  2. Get moving: It might be hard to go for a quick jog if you work in an office, but that doesn’t mean you’re chained to your desk. If you feel brain fog setting in or are getting drowsy, stand up and take a quick stroll. A walk around the office or up and down a few flights of stairs will wake your brain up and help shake out the cobwebs. When you sit down to work again, you’ll feel more alert and refreshed!
  3. Give supplements a try: Brain health supplements are a great way to promote clarity and banish brain fog, even on the roughest days. Taking cognitive supplements with breakfast or lunch can provide brain-boosting nutrients and vitamins when you need them most. For example, Alpha + Omega Cognitive Boost from Omax Health helps to stimulate mental sharpness by harnessing the natural brain-boosting powers of Alpha-GPC and Omega-3s.

As a bonus tip, try to drink more water. Hydrating well throughout the day—particularly in the afternoon—will help you feel more alert and less sluggish. Plus, it’s also good for your skin and overall health.

Afternoon brain fog and sluggishness don’t have to be a battle every day. Instead of nodding your way through work, try to eat protein-rich, naturally anti-inflammatory foods, get moving, and give brain health supplements a try. Keeping yourself alert and awake after lunch is all about making sure your brain and body are engaged and stimulated.

With your focus locked-in, you’ll be able to do your best work while everyone around you is struggling to stay awake!