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Keep Calm and CBD On!

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Calming benefits of CBD or Cannabidiol

CBD or Cannabidiol is being called ‘The Golden Child’ when it comes to cannabinoid research and for good reason: numerous CBD studies are continuing to show the strong potential this non-psychoactive compound offers in treating a wide range of conditions. Perhaps the most promising application for CBD in its early stages of research is as a plant-based nutrient to help reduce feelings of general anxiety, stress and nervousness.

A focus on everyday feelings of anxiety

Social and day to day anxieties are one of the heaviest trending lifestyle topics in the United States today, with as much as 66% of the total population suffering from varying degrees of general anxiety. This can range from a fear of public speaking, to a debilitating fear of speaking with strangers, to an inability to work a customer-facing job. CBD isn’t a panacea, but major inroads are being made in researching why it may have instantaneous effects it has on quelling the brain and calming the nerves. Many people taking CBD isolates in small to moderate doses begin feeling calm, collected and generally less anxious in mere minutes, with the ability to express themselves, converse comfortably and interact with others. All of this, without being impaired, since CBD has no psychoactive properties.

CBD future benefits

The calming effects of CBD are still in the earliest stages of being qualified and studied, and we’re not likely to see any CBD hit the pharmacy anytime soon. But that doesn’t mean the door isn’t open. Some innovative companies, like Omax Health are developing “CBD fusion” supplements ( to help consumers experience the “entourage effect” by combining phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil with other key ingredients that have established health benefits. Some of these fusions include benefits for:
  • Better Sleep
  • Reduced Stress
  • Reduced Inflammation
The more that’s learned about how CBD interacts with brain chemistry, the more we will start to discover new benefits that can be experienced through this powerful nutrient.

CBD maximizes calm, without the high

Many people drink alcohol to take the edge off social situations or smoke marijuana to cope with anxiousness and stress. And while these might work, they can come with terrible side effects—namely addiction or, in the case of alcohol, liver damage. The immediate problem after use, however, becomes impairment. Someone who is drunk isn’t in control of their actions and is prone to making poor decisions or emotional outbursts—two things that don’t mix with general feelings of anxiety. Likewise, being high can severely impact motivation and can induce paranoia. It may be that CBD can offer the calming effects of these coping mechanisms, without the dulling effect they have via impairment. CBD could give you the benefit from both worlds: a calming solution where you remain fully functional!