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Quick HIIT Workout to do From Home - Rockstar Workouts (Pt 1)

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In our first episode of Rockstar Workouts, Whitney Johns shows Omax superfan, Tommy Vext a go-to work out that can be done from anywhere. Even with Tommy’s hectic schedule touring with his band Bad Wolves he won’t be able to come up with any excuses for missing a workout!

This no-excuse 15-minute HIIT sequence is a great full-body workout that targets abs, arms, and glutes. No equipment required!

HITT Workout Directions

Repeat each of these exercises 4x for 30-second intervals then each one 4x for 20-second intervals. You can use the timer on your phone to make it really easy!

  • Walking Push Ups
  • Burpees
  • Bicycle Crunches
  • Reverse Crunch with a Twist
  • Half Jumping Jack

If you would like faster muscle recovery and less aches post-workout, be sure to have some CryoFreeze on hand! Whitney and Tommy swear by it.

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