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5 Favorite Foods To Battle Inflammation

by 50 50 |

I’m sure all of us can admit that inflammation can be a bit of a pain sometimes, especially when it is a constant in your day-to-day life. The battle against chronic inflammation can be a struggle and diet plays a huge part in how our body reduces or expands on that inflammation. However, there are several delicious foods out there that can be easy to switch to if you’re working on converting to a more anti-inflammatory diet. Here are my top 5 favorite foods to help you reduce inflammation.

We’ve probably all heard this one before. Salmon is notorious for being the go-to for people trying to convert to an anti-inflammatory diet and with good reason! Why is that? Because it is full of omega-3 fatty acids. The only downside to this delicious fish is that it can be very expensive to eat this frequently. This is where fish oil supplements come in. If you take omega-3 supplements, it’ll have roughly the same effect as eating salmon once or twice a week.

Ginger is notorious for combating inflammation as well as nausea. It is one of the recommended foods to use to assist in inflammation in arthritis patients and post-exercise. I personally use it in tea to combat inflammation in my joints on flare up days. It usually does the trick. However, the spicy kick that often comes with ginger can be a deterrent for people.

Sweet Potatoes
Besides the sheer deliciousness of this root vegetable, this food is well known for being a go-to for healthy food lovers everywhere and for good reason. Numerous studies have been done that show that there is a connection between the Vitamins C and E that the sweet potato possesses and the reduction of inflammation. So, not only is it super healthy and delicious, it can help you feel less achy as well.

Green Tea
Green tea is another one of those things you see frequently on a healthy lifestyle list of things to consume. And for good reason! The antioxidants within the green tea leaves have been linked to a reduction in inflammation. And for all of those caffeine lovers out there, depending on the type of green tea you get, the caffeine in green tea can also help to combat fatigue.

Pineapples are an arguably underappreciated fruit that can be consumed for combating inflammation. Anti-inflammatory effects have been observed in studies connected to bromelain, a digestive enzyme found within pineapple. It’s effect on the immune system has also been recorded, which makes it a good go-to fruit for people with immune system disorders. Like the sweet potato I mention before, it is also packed with a variety of vitamins and antioxidants that will make you look and feel good as well.