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New Study May Answer if Probiotics Can Help With Weight Loss

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Have you been contemplating adding probiotics to your supplement routine? New research revealed this month finds that there may be more reasons to add probiotics. Norwegian researchers discovered that consuming probiotics in the short term can help assist in weight loss.

After three weeks of the controlled study group consuming a yoghurt drink daily, researchers reported that drinking a probiotic drink daily could lead to a 1.3 lbs weight loss. They found a 0.6% reduction in fat for those who took the probiotics versus the placebo.

The authors wrote about their conclusions in the journal Obesity Reviews: “Our meta-analysis showed that short-term (≤12 weeks) probiotic supplementation reduced body weight, BMI, and fat percentage, but the effect sizes were small. Further long-term studies are required to examine the effects of probiotic supplementation on various measures on body weight.”

Studies have found that consuming probiotics can improve bacteria balance in the gut.

Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for your health, especially your digestive system. They are the bacteria that is good for our bodies. Diets that are high in sugar, refined carbohydrates, and processed foods make it difficult for us to maintain the health of the good bacteria in our bodies.

Researchers are still figuring out the specifics of how beneficial probiotics are to our body but, as they learn more about this bacteria, we are realizing more of why it is essential we get them in order to maintain our digestive system and keep the food moving in our gut.

With this study providing more positive data regarding how consumption of probiotics may be able to benefit our bodies, we may be seeing more extensive research studies in the future exploring focusing on a more comprehensive analysis of the effects of probiotics on the body.
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