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These Simple Yoga Moves Can Help Speed Up Digestion

by 665 665 |

Having an issue with digestion? Yoga may help.

It’s the time of year for delicious things, heavy meals, and obscenely full stomachs. It’s also that time of year that we can experience poor digestion. Poor digestion can make daily life very uncomfortable and unpleasant. We are all familiar with the side effects of a food coma, especially after Thanksgiving. One of the side effects is fatigue. This is a sign that your digestive system is sluggish and not working well post-meal.

And with more than 100 million Americans already experiencing symptoms of poor digestion like heart burn, constipation, and gas, it’s important to figure out a solution that you can use to make your digestion a more comfortable experience. This is where yoga comes into play.

Yoga is a terrific exercise to get the digestive flow rolling. It is accessible to everyone, regardless of age or physical ability. The moves we can do to promote digestive flow could be done while in bed or on a floor. In the video below, yoga instructor Kari Lu walks us through several movements that you can do in bed to help increase and improve our digestive flow after eating a giant meal. Everything shown below can be down regardless of how busy your schedule is.