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Pain relief at end if day

I use the Cryo Freeze caps in the morning and the Cryo Freeze tincture at the end of the day
For arthritis and an inflammatory disease.
It helps with pain and I am hoping decreases the inflammatory process. Very happy with Omax products. I also use Professional Omegas

good sleep

i typically take 1/2 hr to hr before lay down. i still dont fall asleep , on average till about 40 -80 min later. But , !! when i sleep i sleep well and wake refreshed ready to run another day. will order more.

does not taste great

I must say this product is effective at reducing pain. 57 y/o 20k average step day. I spin, lift, kickbox, and play racquetball.
I no longer need NSAID's throughout the day.

OMAX Cognitive Boost

Was recommended this product by a fellow user. Was looking for a product that kept my mind stimulated as I spend a large number of hours doing computer work. After 3-4 days of using Alpha + Omega Cognitive Boost I could feel a huge difference in my concentration and focus during work. I use 90 minute focus sprints at work and this OMAX product works great.

Great product - always fresh - helps me stay healthy from colds and flu spread by public exposure.


New trial

Seems to have relieved knee pain. Will stop for 30 days to see the difference.

wonderful relief!

At age 63, I'm still performing regular bodybuilding workouts, but all the cumulative repetitive strain from 23 years in the gym has left me with osteoarthritis in the neck and lumbar areas. I'm bone on bone in the neck and have degenerative issues in the lumbar area. Sleep is a critical part of a healthy lifestyle, but it was becoming increasingly more difficult to sleep more than a few hours at a time owing to stiffness/tightness in both regions. OMAX has been a miracle! I wanted to use it for a solid 3 weeks before commenting and I can state that I NOW wake up pain free each morning!! I can tell you that NO other changes have been made in my life that would enhance or alter OMAX's value. I'm amazed as I've tried so many OTC topicals that would offer 3 or 4 hours of relief, but never 8 to 9 hours of relief such as what OMAX has done.

Highly Effective

I have been a long time user of Biofreeze, which is a good product in its own right. I have however achieved far better results with Cryofreeze CBD. Its a great way to supplement my chiropractic adjustments or when I have some unusual stiffness. The addition of the CBD really seems to give the product an anti-inflammatory effect boost as well. The roll on applicator is great as well. No more smelly hands. I'm now a convert.

Great for pain relief!

I use the CryoFreeze roll on every night before bed and am able to sleep pain free! Great for inflamed joints and sore muscles!

Great product

This product is everything it is advertised to be. My wife got much needed relief from her constant knee pain with the first use. She has been faithful to use it every day.

Omax Pro Strength

No bitter taste or bite. No after taste. Works very well.


This is the fastest pain relief I have ever had. Within seconds it was gone and lasted for hours!! I'm definitely getting more!

Excellent product

I have trouble falling asleep and then staying asleep. Although I use this with other meds, I find I get a whole night's sleep and wake up refreshed. I will continue using Stress and Sleep.


In a short time has improved my digestive system.

Two out of three!

Great relief of pain in my back, and even is helping with some nagging tendonitis in my inner elbow/lower biceps...but I was really hoping it would bring some freedom of soreness in my feet but not so much yet... maybe the feet skin is too much to penetrate...but 2 / 3 ain't bad. Thanks again.

Best stuff on Earth!

I have chronic pain due to neck surgery, bad hips, and overall aches and pains. CryoFreeze is easily the longest lasting, least smelling, best clean application you will buy. The CBD is especially effective. I have already hadv4 friends buy it. Since it is a roll on, your hands will not smell. I genuinely urge anyone with neck, knee, and back pain to buy this product. 5 stars!

A bottle of amazement

It worked so quickly on my sore back as well as my daughters sore shoulder.. recommenced to friends...

Love This Product

This has become my new go-to for my back and hip discomfort. Cryofreeze for my direct areas, and I am using the drops also and am already feeling their effects!

Great product

I heard Michael Savage recommend this and decided to order for my daughter. She really liked it so I am reordering.

Fantastic product

Check out this product, it was one of the best things I've ever done. Once applied it works very quickly and bring some fantastic relief

My foot pain is gone

I have to be honest, at first I wasn't sure about this product. It took about an entire bottle for me to feel any effect but once it did, my pain vanished. I have had foot pain my entire adult life, mostly caused from arthritis which I developed at a young age. My foot and ankle were so bad, they after a botched surgery and years of degeneration I was told my foot was "beyond repair" the only surgery left was to do a fusion that would leave me with zero mobility in my foot and at the age of 35 this was not an option. I took over the counter medications to help with the arthritis but none did nearly as good as this product does. I used to have to wear a brace every day around my ankle and foot but now I am able to work all day without one. My pain went from almost always a 9 or 10 down to zero. I highly recommend this product.

Fantastic product

Really does improve focus. I am an IT Director and have to pay very close attention to detail.

Riding The Line

My girlfriend and I have been taking a pill before bed, and one once we start the day. It hasn't be an overwhelming chemical response, but it has kept both of us(who suffer from intense anxiety) just riding the line of calm and anxious. So far it's been the only CBD derived assistance we've used that has actually shown any form of effectiveness.

Sleeping Better

The product is o.k. I had to double up on the dosing instructions for the first month before I could see results.

It works

Surprisingly the first night it made me drowsy in a good way. Its been over a month now, I take every night around 8PM.
I would recommend this product to anyone trying to calm their nervous system and sleep better.