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Fantastic product

These are fantastic. They don't knock you out but actually allow you to drift asleep and stay asleep! Woke up not groggy or tired at all


My husband was extremely skeptical but tried it and it works wonders for his back pain.

Great omax

Brought the omax3 and cq10, I am so happy, I very energetic and I totally recommend this!!

Wonderful Product

This product works as advertised. Thanks Dan Bongino !

It does what it says it will

Since I suffered a very serious disease 3 years ago, I have had a great deal of difficulty sleeping through the night. This works! I sleep soundly and wake up feeling rested.

Amazing supplement

Really helps deal with inflammation. Knees feel a lot better after taking 2 capsules a day.

CRYOFREEZE is a miracle

Have tried every type of roll on relief on the market along with, CBD sav and other topicals. If they had any effect it was minimal compared to this CBD freeze. I work ten hour days and usually am in severe pain by the time I get home. I have nerve and vertebrata issues in my neck, back and shoulder. I apply this roll on in the morning after a shower and by the time I leave for work I'm good to go, Usually need to re apply once toward the end of the day and then again right before bed. The relief I feel is almost unbelievable. I have recommended this product to every one I know and even people I don't . This product has kept me from needing to move forward with cortisone shots for relief. If you are in pain BUY THIS PRODUCT you will not regret your decision. A HUGE SHOUT OUT TO CHRIS JERICO FOR SHARING !!!

CBD roll on

Got this for my girlfriend and she absolutely approves !
Am ordering one more for her and one for myself.
Thank you Dan Bongino !

Works great

Heard about this product from Dan Bongino and I really like it!

Omax works.

Omax works. The chill factor is immediate. The aroma is minimal. I will keep testing it until my bottle is empty.

Better Sleep

I can really tell the difference in my sleep. I sleep a lot deeper.

It Really Works

I heard about your product on D Bongino. My daughter has headaches and I have arthritic lower back pain. Roll on the CBD and pain is gone. Thank you for a great product.


I saw an advertisement on the Dan Bongino show and decided to give it a try. I ordered 2 bottles and received them quickly. My husband and I both use, and even let our son-in-law try it out on his joints. The product works great and gives relief from pain very quickly. I would recommend this product to anyone that has achy or painful joints or muscles.

Works exactly as advertised! Highly recommend

Omax Phyto-Max Stress Remedy

My husband & I have been pleased with the Phyto Max Stress Remedy. It has allowed us more restful sleep, less stress, & more pain relief. We have reduced the use of pain meds to almost none @ all. We thank @dbongino for introducing us to this wonderful product. We've already ordered an additional 90 day supply & we only use one @ night. Thank you for providing this option to the public.

Cryofreeze CBD Roll-on Pain Relief

Saw this on D. Bongino podcast. My daughter has an auto-immune disease with joint pain and can't take aspirin-type pain relievers because of her meds. When D. Bongino said it works for him, I believed him, and ordered it. My daughter said it works and she likes it! Thank you for advertising on the podcast or I never would have heard of this great product!

What a GREAT product!

I heard about this from the Bongino show, and I thought, with all my 'owies' I should try it thus bought a two pack. What a wonderful excellent easy to use product you have made - the roll on applicator is so unique and my husband will 'paint my whole back' because it is fun to use, even though I only needed my scapula area to be painted. Oh well. But truly, the effect of relief is nearly immediate and I lasts for hours. Other areas are also treatable, such as my skin over a large bruised area which was painful, and OMAX relieved that, also bunion nerve pain, gone with OMAX!! Would you create some kind of application holder for self use application on our backs please? Husband not always available!


This product really works. Good bye pain.

Great Product

I learned about this product from a pod cast I listen to. I was having some joint pain in my wrist and fingers. After applying the product within minutes the pain was drastically reduced. My wife had pulled something in her back doing yard work, and could hardly walk the next morning. She used the product and again with in minutes she was up walking around. I would highly recommend this product for reducing pain.


This stuff seems to loosen sore, tight muscles better than other products I have tried in the past. I like it.

Non-believer now believes

I had my doubts about this product but a lot of my decisions to try something new depends on who is promoting it. D.Bongino I trust. I tried it. It works for me and plan to keep some on hand from now until my longest day.

Works For Me!

I've noticed an improvement in my recent anxiety & sleeplessness since I started taking Omax Phyto-Max Sleep Stress Remedy, will continue ordering it and recommend it to anyone.
Thanks Omax!

I love it. I now own 3 regular units & 2 travel units.

This stuff is great. I now have 3 bottles. It helps me get through the day. I suffer from degenerative disc disease & I can function at work daily.

Omax Sleep and Stress Remedy

I've had insomnia since I was 12 years old. I have taken everything you can think of to sleep with no results. I bought Omax Sleep and Stress Remedy two months ago and for the first time in years, I finally got some sleep. I have also noticed I really haven't had an anxiety attack since taking these pills.
I cannot stop recommending this product to friends and family. This is a product I will continue to purchase.

Omax CryoFreeze better than the Biofreeze

I've used both, CryoFreeze and BioFreeze and there's no competition. CryoFreeze is hands down has better results for my pain.