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Great results

A doctor recommended individually sealed probiotics AND recommended Chicory Root. This product has both! With small wins right away and a normally functioning system in less than ten days, I am buying more!! I spent $50 on “spores” and had less results.

Great product

I’ve used 4 of these a day for almost a year. Within a week I was more flexible, in a month I no longer had pain in my knees. We did 2 weeks of backpacking in Italy and one week in Aspen, CO and I had no problems with my knees or hips. I am 60 years old and have done Spartan races and triathlons over the last 10 years and was having increasing problems.
Thanks! Janelle

Love it

Excellent product, both my husband & I take it and have seen a noticeable improvement in cognition.

Joint Help

I have started to take Omax to ease knee pain. The results have very positive, as a runner I have notice a improvement with more energy.

Excellent Product

I had been told by my doctor to take an omega 3 supplement. I tried this Omax product and couldn't be more pleased. I felt a difference in just days. I don't want to be without it!

Omega 3 supplement

I really like Omax for the anti-inflammation benefits. I can tell the difference when I don’t take it.

Loving this product!

I originally ordered this product for my son who suffers from anxiety. After seeing the benefits he was experiencing I decided to try it myself. I have always had a lot of trouble relaxing and sleep has never come easy. I am amazed at the way this settles my "busy brain" and relaxes my physical body without making me feel drowsy or fatigued. I feel and even calm while getting all of the things done that I need to. Then when it is time to sleep, I am able to fall asleep much more easily and stay sleeping. Often times I would wake up during the night and not be able to get back to sleep. My mind would just be going in every direction. Now when I wake during the night, I go right back to sleep. It really is awesome. I'm so glad I found this product!

Moisture Eyes

I would recommend anyone to use this product to anyone. I have severe dry eyes and it has truly helped me. I had stopped using it and my eyes started bothering me again. So I started using it again. And after it got in my system my eyes began to get better. Omax3 has helped my eyes.

Confidence in product quality

I’ve been incredibly impressed with this product. No post-consumption flavor, clear even when put into the freezer and travels well!

CircuMax Sport Socks

I got a pair of these socks with a promotion OMAX 3 had going on. I absolutely love these socks. I ordered 4 more pairs during holidays sale. They are the best socks I have ever had. They are a bit pricey but to me well worth every penny I spent on them.

I would recommend Omax.

Exclusive products made with excellence!

Exclusive products made with excellence!This product is very beneficial to both my mind body and emotional state! I have used it several times now over the course of a few months and must say it is a winner!

I trust this product

I’m studying to get into nursing school, so my memory and focus needs to be on point. I came across this product a few days before a test day, and decided I needed it. I mean, it couldn’t make things worse. I’ve been using it for a month now, and Im super surprised at the results. I noticed that I have sharper focus, better memory, and even feel more alert on days I skimp on sleep because I’m up late studying. Pretty impressed, but I will continue to use. Thank you!

The BEST supplement I've ever taken

I always assumed I was getting enough omega3 in my diet, but I couldn't of been more wrong. Once I started taking Omax every day I saw DRASTIC positive results in my lower back pain as well as my memory!! I'm a university student, and I usually struggle to focus while studying, but within a week of Omax I could feel myself retaining more information and withholding from distractions more often! I'm obsessed with Omax, and I love how trustworthy their product is. Thanks Omax!!

I feel brand new!

I train a lot so I tend to feel rundown often, I felt the difference after just a couple of day. This is amazing.

Soft socks

These socks are so comfortable and cushions your feet. The toe seam does not bother you at all. It is very smooth. I sent my sister four pair and she loves them. Her feet are very very bad with no cushion of meat between the bottom of her feet to the bones. She said she wears the socks all the time. So I looked through my sock drawer and found two more pair. She also loves them and they are warm when it is cold and doesn’t get hot when it is warm outside. I also ordered me two pair for me when I don’t have to wear my compression socks. They help with my feet from swelling but have to wear them when my feet goes to swelling to keep my feet from hurting. These socks are the best I have tried and my sister agrees.


I haven’t try it yet but the product is in mom’s house. Hoping to the results be true and experience a life changing with this product.

The best of the best

I have been using Omax for 2 maybe 3 years now. It is the only fish oil that I can tolerate and has made my joints especially knees feel so much better. I can walk without my cane and special shoes. I order 6 months at a time and if I run out I feel the difference within a couple of days. So happy with my results.

I'm so happy. I have high cholesterol since 2008. I tried different product and at last, this one really works to me. I have been taking omega pure for 6 months . My total cholesterol since 2008 was 286 and now is 159. My doctor thought that i was using the prescription he gave me last year, his nurse asked me what I'm taking. So glad i started this one. Thank you

Great product

Great product


OMAX Cognitive Boost has helped me stay more focused while at school. The difference truly is clear to see. I would recommend to ANYONE -- 5/5!


Very surprised at how my stress/anxiety was relieved but I wasn’t sleepy which was my biggest concern. Love this stuff!

AMAZING supplement for a STRESS FREE LIFE!

I was so impressed with taking the Stress Remedy after just a few days! It definitely helped calm my nerves and keep a level head and more positive thoughts during a stressful time! I definitely recommend this product to everyone!

Really amazing and immediate results!

This product is almost too good to be true! Within hours of taking the product you are experiencing a calmer, more present, less anxious, relaxed version of yourself. With no harmful side effects of pharmaceuticals. I always had trouble falling asleep as an adult, making lists in my head, not being able to shut off- prepare to unwind, sleep soundly, and wake refreshed! Awesome product! Wish I found it sooner!

Great product so far

Great product so far