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All Natural

I love the fact that this product is all natural and I don’t have to worry about hash chemicals. The great part of it is that it’s CBD!!!


Still trying it. I will keep it up to see what happens

THE Best

It WORKS and what MORE could any individual ask for.

Pain Relief Roll-On Works For Me

I have been using this product for a couple of months twice a day on my shoulders and neck area and it gives me good pain relief.

Greatest socks around

Your OMAX socks are awesome. They are soft and fit well; they are breathable which is most important and they hold up wash after wash. A great product. I’ve ordered 6 pairs.

Amazing sleep product

Love omax it helps me sleep


I am very happy with the results of this product and will buy again

I love that it's not sticky and its cbd!

It Works!!

This is my 6th bottle of CBD oil of different manufacturers and it's by far the best. Just ordered the rollon too. Prices affordable!

great product

This has been helping me feel sexy, confident and satisfied. I love how it’s chemical free, completely safe, no parabens and has a mint chocolate flavor! Naturally puts me and my partner in the mood. Would totally recommend this.

Best. Sleep. Ever.

I love this stuff!! It took about 2 weeks, but I was able to stop taking prescription sleeping pills. I am most pleased and so is my doctor!!

Works for me

Does what I expected it would do. Better than the products I was taking before.

Potentially a Great Product!

I've only tried these 2-3 times now, and they 'seem' to work well. I've used them to 'shut down' my brain at night prior to a big workday the next day (especially on Sunday nights...with wor the next day!), and so far so good. Found these from Dan Bongino's recommendation. Thanks!

Omax Sleep & Stress Remedy

I am very happy with the Sleep & Stress Remedy. It has helped me get a better nights sleep and reduced my stress level.

The texture is awesome

I really loved my experience using this lubricant. For starters, I love any product that has CBD extract in the formula. Not to mention, the texture of it is on point! I usually hate using lubricant and I only do so if I have to because the sticky film left on my skin is unsettling; this is the first lubricant that hasn’t felt that way after use. It felt more natural and just overall better.

Sometimes natural

I love the fact that it’s all natural and I don’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals.

Amazing product

I have a tense pelvic floor making intimate times painful and uncomfortable. This product has really helped my love life 100%. It helps me relax, adding warmth and the smell is soothing and pleasant. Would recommend to all my girlfriends! Whether you need extra help relaxing or you just want an added boost, this stuff is great!

Smells Amazing!

The product smells so good and inviting and provides excellent lubrication.

Smooth & Natural

OShot works great. Smooth, natural and not sticky. Love this product and will continue to use it.

The Best Product I've Tried!

Not only am I impressed that it's organic and CBD based but it actually works and is exactly as described, very impressed indeed!!!


Works well, quality ingredients, happy to have a product with women in mind

Prior to knee replacement surgery

I purchased Cryofreeze for the first time in
Sept of ‘19. I decided to wait to have my surgery until after golf season up north. Cryofreeze is the only pain reliever that has gotten me this far. And I have tried many.
Oral pain relief has not really worked, including 3000mg CBD. This roll-on is working.

Law of diminishing returns

At first, this made my hip and back feel like new. But now, after several applications, it doesn't seem to matter to those same areas. I love this stuff but not as a long term pain reliever.

Like it!

Great product.