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Best Omega 3 supplement I’ve ever used

I’ve tried several Omega 3 supplements over the years but Omax is by far the best I’ve ever used. I could tell a difference in my joint health and cognitive function in the first month. Also, you won’t have that fishy aftertaste.


Works almost immediately. And it's true, it does last 6-8 hours. I was skeptical at first, I mean a podcaster hawking a product right? But thank you Chris Jericho and thank you Imax Health!

It has changed my life!

About 2 years ago I was in a car accident and shattered my ankle, requiring 2 surgeries and a ton of hardware (plates, screws, all of it). Fast forward to today and I have daily constant pain and my only option per my MD is an ankle replacement. I'm not ready for that at 29, so I I mostly look for pain management. I had been looking for a product with the benefits of CBD. Other Icy/hot treatment felt good, but never provided any lasting relief.

I saw this advertised on Instagram and figured it was worth a try. If it didn't work, no harm done. Let me tell you when I say this stuff is INCREDIBLE. I can tell a noticeable difference after applying it. I apply it before bed and my ankle is notably less painful and stiff first thing in the morning. After I ride my horse it relieves so much pain and discomfort. This has given me the ability to cut back on oral NSAIDS and works better than my MDs prescribed topical treatment. Truly, this has been life changing for me! Thank you OMAX Health!!

All around awesome product!!!

Picked this up after hearing about it on a sports podcast and loved it! Small size and fits in my gym bag, quick and easy to apply with no mess or odor. Will definitely grab another!


A GREAT Product that does what it says every time I apply it. I use it daily. NOTHING I have used in the past comes close.

Better sleep

I’ve been going to sleep faster and longer.

Great Product that works

Always been against the usual heat/menthol based pain relief products as I feel they don’t do anything
I had tried arnica and had some pain relief but knew nothing of CBD oil. I heard Chris Jericho talk about this product and since che turned me on to DDP yoga and that has been great I ordered this.
I have to say this works
It goes on with a little heat but for minor tightness and muscle ache within twenty minutes it’s gone. Best to put on a nice amount before bed and wake up loose. If you are over a computer or iPhone all day this is a nice way to unwind those neck and back muscles to avoid the “texting neck”
Also good for weather related joint pain


I am sleeping much better. I only got 4 to 5 hours sleep before now I am getting a solid 6 to 6.5 hours. I feel better.

I'm a believer!

My husband purchased the Cryofreeze CBD for me and I was skeptical. I have arthritis, bursitis and other various aches and pains depending upon the day and season 😉. My bursitis responds especially well to the Cryofreeze CBD. If I wake up in pain, I roll it on and the pain goes away! I highly recommend this product!!!

Excellent Product 👍

Unbelievable results for me. I have lower back issues, and my hips are shot. Constantly in pain.
My first application gave me immediate relief, but I have had that happen before.
BUT, the relief lasted for hours.
My new go to!


This stuff is wonderful it was the answer we had been looking EVERYWHERE for. We had tried ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING to help with my wifes stress. She is a global supervisor with a very fast pace & growing company. She has employees that sit all over the World & besides the normal demands & stress of this Type job she has to deal with language barriers & different holidays in different countries and dealing with each countries different traditions & cultures she stays stress to the max even when everything is going smooth but we all know when you have that many employees the smooth days are few & far between. She is so stressed when we go to bed at Night it takes her sometimes 3 or 4 hours to owned down & go to sleep. But that was before i heard about your product "OMAX PHYTO-MAX SLEEP & STRESS REMEDY WITH CBD" the first night she couldn't tell any differance but the second night i could even tell the differance she wasn't talking nonstop as she usually does & within an hour she was asleep & sleeping alot more sound than usual. She usually talks in her sleep about things going on at work of course. And she rolls around & just never seems to sleep peacefully but this night she was oh but the third night she was asleep within 10 to 15 mins. after we laid down that night & she was like a different person the next morning i could tell she was well rested and in a good mood & its been 2 weeks & that mood hadn't changed yet & its not going to because she is finally able to sleep. And another good thing about it is i found it i saw it on one of your t.v. ads & call about it and im glad i did because she has to give me the credit for her stress level being lower & her sleep being ALOT better lol well actually she has to give yall the credit for a super fine product but i do get alittle credit for seeing an ad that she would have NEVER saw an ultimately getting her stress level WAY down. THANK YOU SO VERY MU...


Absolutely love this product! Im a very active person and this has helped me with all my aches and pains attributed to sports and lifting. Not only will I be a life long customer, but am working on others to be as well!

I've Never Slept Better

Falling asleep & staying asleep has always been difficult for me. I heard about this product listening to my favorite podcast, "The Dan Bongino Show" on YouTube. The 50% one-time discount made me think, "what the heck! Can't go wrong with that price!" But it's the quality & efficacy of the product will bring me back shortly and, makes it possible for me to refer friends & family to Omax Health, as well.

Great stuff!

Thank you,
Kristen Snow-White

CryoFreeze CBD Pain Relief Roll-On Great Product

Great product. I was having a lot of lower back pain. Didn't feel like a conventional rub or roll. Outstanding product. Provided instant muscle relief.

Great sleep aid and stress relief

Great sleep aid and stress relief, i take 1 after dinner and then another when i go to bed, it sure helps the sleeping, and i have a serious problem with a bad back ( 3 rods and 8 bolts repairing 3 vertibras ), i will definitly be purchasing again

Great Product

Excellent product. Relieves muscle pain and stiffness quickly and thoroughly. I also have been suffering from non-specific itchiness on my skin, most likely from an allergy, and this product also helps relieve the itchiness. It is not a condition where the skin is broken or red, just itchiness.

Good stuff!!

I love this product. I sleep so much more soundly on it. Even my fancy smart bed agrees! I like it much better than the prescribed anti depressants, and sleeping pills. I will be purchasing again, and again.

Works perfectly

Amazing. Best lube ever.. I will never buy anything else! It smells good, feels good... doesn’t feel clinical like other lubricants.


I bought this because Dan Bongino recommended it. My brother was having a lot of issues with his RA in his back. Nothing was working, not even multiple pain pills and CBD drops, creams and even got a med card for THC. I don’t know exactly how Cryofreeze works, but it worked for him. So I then bought 2 more bottles. Now I’m back to buy some more. Thank you for a great product.

This product has been a game changer for me! Not only does it help me with my sleep but it allows me to be a more present parent. It’s my chill pill and I’m so grateful for it!

Best Socks

I got a pair of these socks when I started purchasing Omax 3 and thought they were great. When you had your Fathers Day special I bought more and am very glad I did, they are really comfortable.

Worth buying

Better than any of the icyhot/biofreezeze, etc products out there. I roll it on my back, knees, shoulder blades before bed so when I wake up I don't feel like I got hit by a truck from work. Lasts a while so its worth it.

Awesome Product

Burns less than Icy Hot or BioFreeze. The added CBD is helping ease my pain so much quicker. Love it. Would buy again.