Omax3 & Omax Health Reviews

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omax stress with cbd, its great to have, I take 2 every morning and it helps me sleep a lot better too


This helps alleviate my racing thoughts and after taking for a few weeks I noticed a considerable reduction in my anxiety. Great customer service too!

Sleeping Better

I ordered the travel pack of the CBD sleep and stress to help calm me during the day and sleep better at night. I have noticed that I am sleeping better within 3 days of taking the 2 gel capsules in the AM. I am noticing that I am yawning a bit throughout the day, but sleeping better is definitely a major win for me. I bought the 3 month supply and signed up for the recurring orders.

Relieved my Back Pain!!

A friend of mine let me try this new roll-on and I was blown away by the results. It took away my back pain instantly and felt long term relief. The cooling effect lasts for quite a while too!

The Best

The best and most effective pre/pro biotic I"ve ever used .

It works!

This stuff is really potent and it smells is quite minty. Roller makes application simple, I put it on my neck and it felt like it was freezing the muscle, super intense feeling, definitely took the pain away. I would definitely recommend using Cryofreeze CBD.


Bought this for both my husband, and I. We love it!!!! Definitely helps with stress and helps with my severe anxiety.


I only have been using the product for a short period of time but so far it has been very effective as I expected


I’ve been using the product and can’t say how impressed I am with it! Plus you can trust that all ingredients are super clean, and natural. Highly recommend!

Great service.

Product arrived very quickly and was as described. Excellent service. Too early to tell results but am using in place of a drug store brand CoQ10 product and price is better. I am sure results will follow.


For a mother of 4 I have quite a lot of stress and anxiety and I have tried so many different things to help with it. This is by far the best thing I have used to help me calm down and relax. I have been recommending it to everyone I know. I'd like to thank Tommy Vext for posting about it or else I may not have found it. If you are on the fence about this product don't be because it is amazing.

Roller issues but still a good product.

The roller seems to have issues sometimes and goes dry. Other than that I like the product. If I have pain, I roll this on, go to sleep and wake up feeling better.


I’ve only used this product for inflammation in my hip’s only been a week, and there’s a marked difference. Too early to tell with the coQ10 for the heart...

Highly recommend!

I've been using Omax Probiotic for a week now. And I feel good. This product helps me improve my digestive system.

So much health in one capsule!

10 strains of probiotics, Including acidophilus, which is great for so many things! These are packaged for freshness so you don’t have to refrigerate them, which is great if you travel frequently like I do! Gluten free, GMO free, soy free. And it’s a triple threat - works for digestion, immunity, and urinary tract.

So Far

I have only been taking this for a week but so far I think it is great. I am celiac and have gastoparesis so I always have an upset stomach. After starting this my stomach is so much better.

Great product and worth the price

I've been taking it over a week and so far no side effect. My digestion seems to be better, less bloated and I feel like I have more energy to do things during the day. Wish I should have found out about the benefits of taking Prebiotic supplement earlier!1 Day shipping, Amazing!!

Great product

I brought this product for my digestive system, it’s kept me regular and healthy, I strongly recommend this product

Overall better mental focus

My sleep has improved tremendously. This has helped with my anxiety and depressed mood, overall my mental health is better and that helps me to be able to focus more clearly. I am so thankful for this product and this company ❤️

Great product

I love this product!! My digestive system has been out of wack for a really long time and after just 3 days I could already feel the results. Well worth the money!

Just try it!

Has helped me so much with my digestion this week. I highly recommend!

Amazing probiotic

I have tried a lot of probiotics. I was so elated to try a new type that had chicory root in it. I love that it also helps urinary tract health. I feel so much better and cleaner using this. The best part is they swallow easy and are easy to get out of the pack.

Get this probiotic!

This is one of the best probiotics I've taken! I have a lot less gas, and I'm not sure if its helping with feminine health, but I like that aspect of the probiotic. It's definitely worth the money.

Good product

These tablets seem to be helping. I like that there are 30 and you only have to take 1 a day. That makes them worth the price. Over all I'm happy with them.

Incredible product!

Easy to swallow and no funny after taste. I immediately noticed comfort after using for several days. I was impressed by how much was included and compacted in the poll for the price. It has both the pre and pro biotic and chicory root fiber and vitamins. Incredible product!