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Revolutionary Products Backed by Science

Developed by researchers and scientists affiliated with Yale University,  our products contain pure, clinically tested ingredients. From ground-breaking science, comes a new and improved you.

Omax® for a Healthier You

We believe the quality of what you put in your body can make a big difference in your health and your life. In short, ingredients matter. Performance matters. Omax optimizes your health and restores your vitality so you can live LIFE TO THE MAX!

Clinical Strength Formulas with Therapeutic Results

Support Joints & Muscles

Our products can help support joint health, help speed up muscle recovery and promote optimal health and wellness.

Support Heart Health

An active lifestyle and healthy nutrition, along with the right supplementation can support optimal heart health.

Support Mind & Cognition

Proper nutrients can optimize mental performance, improve your mood and concentration, and support overall cognitive health.