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  • Omax Cognitive Boost Carton with Blister Packs

    get a better brain for life

    Omax® Cognitive Boost

    A breakthrough in brain health using two clinically researched ingredients that work synergistically to boost your memory, focus, concentration and energy levels.

    Omax Cognitive Boost Carton with Blister Packs
  • Omax Sleep & Stress Remedy Carton

    new hemp blend

    Omax® Stress & Sleep Remedy

    New triple-action hemp blend helps calm & relax the body, restore restful sleep & support healthy joints. 

    Omax Sleep & Stress Remedy Carton
  • Omax3 Max Recovery Clinical Strength 1000 mg per softgel


    Omax3® Max Recovery

    Get 33% more omega-3 in our highest concentration  Omax3, designed for pro athletes. Certified for sport by NSF International.

    Omax3 Max Recovery Clinical Strength 1000 mg per softgel

    Omax3® Pet Health

    Support your dog's joint, heart and skin health, with our new bacon-flavored omega-3 supplement, formulated especially for dogs.

  • Omax3 Ultra-Pure Omega-3 with softgels


    Omax3® Ultra-Pure

    Harvested from the richest source of omega-3s in the world, our patented ProResolv formula packs a punch with 4x more EPA than DHA.

    Omax3 Ultra-Pure Omega-3 with softgels

Clinical Strength Formula with Therapeutic Results

Support Joints & Muscles

Omega-3s can help decrease muscle and joint soreness, help speed up muscle recovery and promote optimal health and wellness.

Support Heart Health

Omega-3s can help boost heart health, may reduce your risk of coronary heart disease, and can help your body maintain normal blood triglyceride levels.

Support Mind & Cognition

Omega-3s can help optimize mental performance, improve your mood and concentration, and support overall cognitive health. 

Omax® for a Healthier You

Doctors and experts around the world agree: getting the right balance of high-quality omega-3s  may lead to a healthy heart, mind and body — and the purer the ingredients, the better for your body. 

That’s why thousands have turned to the exceptional purity and potency of Omax.


Revolutionary Approach Backed by Science

Developed by scientists affiliated with Yale University,  Omax3, our flagship Omega-3 is developed with a patented blend specifically designed for joint health.  From ground-breaking science, comes a new and improved you.