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I trust this product

I’m studying to get into nursing school, so my memory and focus needs to be on point. I came across this product a few days before a test day, and decided I needed it. I mean, it couldn’t make things worse. I’ve been using it for a month now, and Im super surprised at the results. I noticed that I have sharper focus, better memory, and even feel more alert on days I skimp on sleep because I’m up late studying. Pretty impressed, but I will continue to use. Thank you!

The BEST supplement I've ever taken

I always assumed I was getting enough omega3 in my diet, but I couldn't of been more wrong. Once I started taking Omax every day I saw DRASTIC positive results in my lower back pain as well as my memory!! I'm a university student, and I usually struggle to focus while studying, but within a week of Omax I could feel myself retaining more information and withholding from distractions more often! I'm obsessed with Omax, and I love how trustworthy their product is. Thanks Omax!!

I feel brand new!

I train a lot so I tend to feel rundown often, I felt the difference after just a couple of day. This is amazing.

Soft socks

These socks are so comfortable and cushions your feet. The toe seam does not bother you at all. It is very smooth. I sent my sister four pair and she loves them. Her feet are very very bad with no cushion of meat between the bottom of her feet to the bones. She said she wears the socks all the time. So I looked through my sock drawer and found two more pair. She also loves them and they are warm when it is cold and doesn’t get hot when it is warm outside. I also ordered me two pair for me when I don’t have to wear my compression socks. They help with my feet from swelling but have to wear them when my feet goes to swelling to keep my feet from hurting. These socks are the best I have tried and my sister agrees.

The best of the best

I have been using Omax for 2 maybe 3 years now. It is the only fish oil that I can tolerate and has made my joints especially knees feel so much better. I can walk without my cane and special shoes. I order 6 months at a time and if I run out I feel the difference within a couple of days. So happy with my results.

I'm so happy. I have high cholesterol since 2008. I tried different product and at last, this one really works to me. I have been taking omega pure for 6 months . My total cholesterol since 2008 was 286 and now is 159. My doctor thought that i was using the prescription he gave me last year, his nurse asked me what I'm taking. So glad i started this one. Thank you

Great product

Great product


OMAX Cognitive Boost has helped me stay more focused while at school. The difference truly is clear to see. I would recommend to ANYONE -- 5/5!


Very surprised at how my stress/anxiety was relieved but I wasnt sleepy which was my biggest concern. Love this stuff!

AMAZING supplement for a STRESS FREE LIFE!

I was so impressed with taking the Stress Remedy after just a few days! It definitely helped calm my nerves and keep a level head and more positive thoughts during a stressful time! I definitely recommend this product to everyone!

Really amazing and immediate results!

This product is almost too good to be true! Within hours of taking the product you are experiencing a calmer, more present, less anxious, relaxed version of yourself. With no harmful side effects of pharmaceuticals. I always had trouble falling asleep as an adult, making lists in my head, not being able to shut off- prepare to unwind, sleep soundly, and wake refreshed! Awesome product! Wish I found it sooner!

Great product so far

Great product so far

A Boost with no jitters.

Im a mail carrier and sometimes I need a little bit of a boost. This supplement gives me just that on my super long days. Even when I am off and I have office work at the house, it helps keep me better focused WITHOUT being jittery. Just follow the directions. Super simple.

Really good company with really good products

Speedy delivery. Quality product and I noticed a difference using Omax3

I received this product free to try

I received this product free to try through Babble Boxx but I loved the omegas. They were high quality and since I already use omegas this was a natural fit to test, no fish burps, great efficacy. really great brand and packaging!

I have never had any problems with

I have never had any problems with orders through Omax Health.

I can really tell a difference in my

I can really tell a difference in my afternoon sharpness.

Purchased for my dad

Purchased for my dad. Dad reports that he is able to recall things better.

Packed with Omega3 Goodness!

I was paid to review the product for my blog ( . I liked Omax3 though, while Omega3 capsules are all generally large I didn't have any problem with these and there was minimal aftertastes or digestive issues as I've had with others. It's a good product and has tons of value vs needing to take many dosages from the other guys.

What a great product!

What a great product! My husband used the Omax Health Omega 3 Fish Oil and Vitamin D supplements for one month and had a marked difference in health. We have continued the regimen by reordering and will keep this as part of his routine indefinitely. I did receive the initial month supply in exchange for my honest review.

Been on them for one month

Been on them for one month and feel a lot better stiffness in my knees better got a little more energy. No fishy after taste

This product is actually doing

This product is actually doing everything they said it would thank you for having amazing quality assurance in this product it shows.

taking the right amount works for me

taking the right amount works for me

I feek so much better since taking Omax3

I feek so much better since taking Omax3

Product is as described and it works.

Product is as described and it works.