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Omax Health Product Reviews

Based on 901 reviews
Fantastic results!

My husband works in construction and scaffold building so he has lots of aches and pains. We have struggled to find him a product that actually soothes his pain for more than 5 min of cooling affect. The roll on he keeps with him to use during breaks. The cream he uses after a shower at home. We only have to apply the cream once and it gives him relief all evening. We will absolutely be repeat customers!

The best

Way better than the oil based, no scent no scent flavor. I'll never use another

Performs as advertised

I am very happy with my roll on CBD cryotherapy. I use it on my neck, shoulders and knees. It gives relief very shortly without the side effects of pills or other types of drugs. I think I will sign up for a monthly delivery next. Thanks Omax.

Love it!

Love the product.and share it with everyone I know! They buy it and love it as well.It’s my go to for pain,and body aches,etc!


Very happy with this product. It works as promised. I use it on my back, feet and hand. Results are NOT immediate, but they are long lasting. One application per day is sufficient for my needs. Not a fan of the menthol, but it works.
Be cautious, though. When applied on your hands DO NOT rub your eyes for a few hours (don't ask how I know this)


CircuMax Sport Socks are truly the most comfortable socks that I have worn. In fact, before purchasing these socks, I thought I needed new sneakers, despite the fact that I had just purchased new ones! I felt that I was, literally, walking on air! At the end of the day, I didn't want to take my shoes & socks off, I was so comfortable wearing them! The sale price is really what drew me in and I plan on buying more and highly recommend them for your feet too! Your feet will thank you!

best pain reliever

I have purchased my 3 bottle of CBD roll-on cryofreeze pain relief. I have lower back pain, (coccyx area) and this CBD roll on relieves the pain for a few hours. I roll on at bedtime and my back feels great all night. I have used it on other parts of my body as well, neck, and it helps. It will not "cure" your issue but definitely will temporarily help with the discomfort . I highly recommend this product. Try it at least once. I promise you will be hooked!


This roll-on is a god send. I use it almost everyday for my knee pain, and it always gives me relief. I sometimes let my wife steal some for her lower back as well, I might have to start hiding it🙂

Great pain reliever

My wife and mother in law love this. Also gave some to a coworker, him and his wife also love it.


Love it! can see the change in my Skin and my Joint's in my Hands feel Better too. will be buying More. Thank You for a Great Product keep it Coming.

Omax is the perfect solution

I've tried so many heat / cool products over the years, this is the best one. There isn't an odor that lasts. It actual smells good. The benefit's are immediate and lasts several hours. I highly recommend this product and will continue to use it.

Product is awesome.
Helps the pain. Lets me get the sleep i need.
Would recommend cryofreeze to anyone.

This prodauct actually works!!!

I was skeptical about trying yet another topical pain cbd product. My buddy sent this to me, and it actually helps my neck pain, tremendously!!! I will continue to purchase this product.

Comfortable Ankle Socks

These Omax ankle socks were purchased for the sole purpose of ensuring comfort. The thick socks were essential for me since I stand a lot. Not to mention that they were on sale and that sealed the deal!
It's comfortable when wearing sneakers, and doesn't make your feet sweat! The socks truly are worth the sale price, as many other customers have stated. My collection of these socks has now grown to five pairs.

Best combination of collagen; high quality

This is the best combination of QUALITY, VALUE, and MIX OF DIFFERENT COLLAGEN PEPTIDES available! I will continue to use Omax Heath Collagen Complete and have it on a subscription. Keep up the good work with products like this!!!


All the products work really well for pain relief. Tired achy to cool and take pain away. Stiff painful neck? The roll on really helps. I could go on and on but I won’t. Just try it and you’ll see.

Best I have tried!

I was taking the Theracurmin type for a few months but this one is so much better. When I wake up in the morning I have a stuffy head type of inflammation from my chronic Lyme and this Biocurc completely takes it away. My knees feel much better.

healthy product

3rd time I'm ordering this product... No fish smell - packed singly - fresh - never any side affects... will continue to order from this company and this product

Love this product

Eased my pain on contact. Lasts a lot longer than traditional otc products.

Pain relief

My husband uses this for his knee pain and it works very well

Super satisfied

Wowwwww this CBD cryofreeze is literally so legit. It worked so fast and just like ice hot.

I’ve tried other cbd product and this by far is the best hands down.

I love this product. I have issues with my feet and this is first product to actually help. Love it. ☺️


Works great gets rid of my muscle pain for hours.

Excellent product

I've tried several similar products and this is the most effective and easy to use one i have found. I really like the roller, it makes it much easier to apply on my back than the lotions or balms. Their CBD oils are also very effective.

feeling good

I have been taking these vitamins for about a month now and I feel better then I did before taking them. They seem to help me feel less tired and the fact that I only have to take one really makes it easy. So much better then mixing a powder or taking many different vitamins every day.