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Omax Health Product Reviews

Based on 791 reviews
Takes the edge off

I love this product because when my heart is racing this gets it to slow down. It won't make your anxiety disappear but it helps SO MUCH. It's a very subtle wave of calm but one that can make all the difference in one's day. I have already recommended it to a few of my friends who love it :)

CryoFreeze Foot & Body Relief Spray
Excellent relief at a reasonable price.

I work 12 hour shifts on concrete floor. When I get home I just spray cryofreeze on my feet and at the hip joints and the pain melts away.


So I’ve been working out straight for the past 8 months and I also do manual labor with my dads company and this product helps keep me moving and relaxed! Love the product

Great Product

I purchased the roll on & feel immediate relief when I apply it on my neck & shoulders. Will definitely be purchasing it again.

Life Saver

Helps my lower back pain to the point I am able to function; do everyday chores without being in constant pain. Anyone who lives with constant pain knows pain free hours can give you the freedom to function.

Amazing results!

Incredible! I suffer from lower back pain so when I first used it I didn’t expect any relief. Was I wrong! Minutes later, the pain was gone!


BEST PRODUCT ever; gives fast, long-lasting relief from pain!


This stuff does works really well.

This just can't be real......

After hearing about this on a podcast I decided to order some for my painful neck. I received it and of course I am a skeptic so didn't expect much, but within a few minutes the pain in my neck was almost gone. I will be a customer for life!

CBD Cream

My wife and I use this pretty much every day since we heard about it. It works wonders on our back and hip pains. We make sure that we always have a backup. Sure wouldn't want to run out of it. Really good stuff!!! Highly recommend!

Immediate Relief!

Both myself and my sister have gotten exceptional and immediate relief using your product

Great products

I have had neck and back pain for years. This product helps reduce the intensity of the pain.

No pain

An old hand injury was making it impossible to get through a yoga class. This works almost instantly and I’ve been able to do full classes for the first time in over a year.

Excellent product

I recently purchased my second CryoFreeze CBD Pain Relief Roll-On because it is hands-down, the best topical pain reliever that I have found. I have used Aspercream and Biofreeze which are great products, but CryoFreeze CBD Pain Relief Roll-On is even better.

Ahhhh, relief!

To be honest I wasn't expecting a great deal from the spray but I was pleasantly surprised. Admittedly, there is a bit of loss as the spray....well it's a spray but I don't always want the cream on my hands. It works immediately for me relieves the pain and lasts long enough for me to go to sleep as I use it primarily at night. And wonder of wonders I don't need to reapply till the next night. I'll be buying it again and again. Thanks OMAX.

the 'ahh' moment

you have the aha moment when you discover something and then you have the 'ahhh' moment when you put on the cryo freeze and you feel the relief coming instantly

Cryofreeze pain relief rollon

Provides really good pain relief. Ordered a second one because I don’t want to run out

Tried Once, and bought my own

I deal with a very special Auto Immune disorder. So for some relief a friend had me sample it, and I have been using it since. It is a nice relief, but not the feeling of "medicine head" after it wears off.

Love it!

This is a wonderful product, it really works!!! I use it for my horrible menstrual cramps and never thought it would help but it does!!!! It works on my neck too when I mess it up by sleeping in a twisted position.
It works miracles, I am ordering one for my Dad now.

Cryofreeze is really "cool"!

I heard about cryofreeze when listening to a podcast during the time I hurt my hip and was told I needed a replacement. During the months I waited while losing weight, this rollon was the only thing that kept me sane and allowed me to sleep. It is easy to put on, non staining and really helps relieve pain. Great product, so glad I found it.

Can't work without it

Does what is described. I love it, I use it everyday.

Really works!

The Cryofreeze CBD roll on really helps relieve my husbands chronic back pain. He is asking me to order more right now

Product that delivers

CRYO CBD Roll On has been a go to when needing comfort for my joint pain. My wife and I are truly amazed at how effective this roll on truly is. I suffer from knee pain. My wife used this product on her lower back to alleviate pain associated with menstrual cramps.. THIS PRODUCT KICKS IN, IN MINUTES!!! I am and will always be a satisfied and loyal customer!!! Great BUY!!! OUTSTANDING JOB OMAX!!!!

Best ever

Doing CrossFit 5-6 days a week can take a toll on my body, but with Cryofreeze and proper stretching, I feel limber and pain-free. There’s no smell, just soothing on my back. Love the stuff❤️

Love Brain Boost!

I have never taken a supplement that I could actually tell a difference with. This stuff is absolutely amazing. Everything they promise actually happens. I'll be taking this for the rest of time!