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Omax Reviews

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Been using. Cryofreeze roll-on for multiple years now, I use it before and after intense workouts, and it has been a lifesaver!! I’ve now switched to extra strength, and it’s even better! Thank you Omax Health, and thank you to Dan Bongino for recommending it!

Love it!

Works great! I love it!


Have tried a ton of pain relievers for many years for my arthritis. This is the best product ever. Worth every penny. Thanks!!

Cyrofreeze cream

I have tried many products this one works the best.

Always Great!

Haven't used the extra strength formula yet but I love the original. Keeps the pain away and the cool feeling it gives is great.

Relieves Osteoarthritis

I have a bad hip with osteoarthritis. After a long day of working in the yard, or a long walk, I use the CryoFreeze to relieve the pain and loosen the joint. In a few minutes I feel the relief that allows me to continue with the rest of my chores.

It keelson working

I purchased this on a recommendation from a frend and I was very surprised that it really works and it still is working I will definitely buy it again

Love these socks!!!

These socks are amazing. My feet stay dry and cool. They fit perfectly and are not too tight. I definitely will be getting more!!!

Good product!

As a 50 year old runner, this product helps my joints. It also assists in lowering my cholesterol.

Omax Cryogenic freeze Hemp is outstanding

I need a shoulder replacement because the rotator cuff is shot. Omax hemp cryofreeze cuts the pain to a manageable problem
Dan Bongino informed me of this product and grateful of him and Omax

This is very good!

Arthritic knees and a damaged shoulder, and this product sends me to sleep with glowing happiness! Can't say enough about how much I appreciate this stuff!!

This One Works!

This Omax probiotic works much better than others I've tried, I think in part due to the way it's packaged, as well as the ingredients. I really helps with digestive issues, and helps me recover from antibiotic use, by adding the good bacteria back into my system.


Ordered this for my husband who has pretty extreme back pain from his time in the army; after I saw someone on Instagram share it. He’s been using it for a few days and he looked over at me before falling asleep and said “that little roll on stuff is best thing you’ve ever done to help my back” ! No amount of back rubs/heating pads/ice packs/chiropractors etc has helped him. He’s already asked my to order more! Absolutely amazing and honestly our saving grace!

It was a gift for them

Due to my job I cannot risk any CBD showing up in a drug test so I get the products for family members. As far as I know they love the products. My dad ran out long before Christmas and was asking where I had gotten it. Needless to say he got 2 more roll ons for Christmas. I heard about your products on the Dan Bongino Show.

Husbands loves these socks!!!

My husband loves these socks!!! He says they are really warm & super comfy!!! Great socks!!!

Great products

Love these for the relief they give our family as well as the gift to others.

The exception!

I have tried many different products over the years. Cryofreeze max is the only product I have tried that gives me the relief I need everyday. So much so I have referred my friends to your website. I'm 67 and have had a few surgeries from sports related as well as career related injuries that have caused 3 forms of arthritis to form. Cryofreeze max is an Exceptional product! Many thanks Omax!

Pain Relief at a Wonderful Time

My father is greatly appreciative of the products you provide to clients. His back and right knee are both troubling for him at times and your products help him be able to move around on a daily basis. Thank you!

Great product!

Works within minutes, complete relief.

I have a bad hip and my knee swelled up. They thought I had a possible torn meniscus. I use this on my hip, knee, and IT band. I no longer walk like I have a stick up my behind! My pain is not as severe as it use to be.

Love the fish oil! Satisfied cistomer for many years now!!

It works!

Love this product. It’s bioavailability is what sets it apart from other Turmeric supplements. I feel the difference in my low back if I miss a dose. I appreciate being able to use OMAX Hydrocurc Curcumin daily vs taking OTC pain killers every day.

Topically and Orally Excellent

We use it to treat R.A. and it helps whether we apply it topically or take it orally. Highly recommended!