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Omax Reviews

Based on 3309 reviews

This roll on provides instant, cooling relief. My husband and I keep it stationed around the house for ease of use.

Great product

I have fibromyalgia and this roll on helps the pain in my muscles. Very pleased

Great for my back.

Have been using product for my knees for awhile. Recently I started experiences lumbar issues. I use Cryofreeze after a long walk to relieve the discomfort around my left hip and lower back. Great relief.

Great Product

After using this product on a sore wrist for about two weeks, my pain is gone.

Works like magic!!

I have gone through a lot of products to find something that alleviates joint and lower back pain. This stuff works!!

CryoFreeze CBD Sport Cooling Cream is the BEST!

It literally makes my pain disappear! Not only that but it allows me to move my arm freely when I apply it on my shoulder. I sleep like a baby when I apply it on my painful neck.

Easy to go down


Best Pain Relief Ever!!!

We use the Extra Strength roll on for all aches and it works wonders! Better than the typical pain relief rollers...definitely recommended.

Great for my 16 yr dog.

we found through meadia that this works for elderly dogs for stiffness and soreness so we tried it and it worked supper fast.


It really relieves my pain

Great Product

Bought this on the recommendation from the YouTube channel Trent and Allie. It worked as described, better then most over the counter pain lotions.

Immediate relief!

I have used numerous products, but by far this is the best!

Great product

Great product Highly recommend

Cryo Freeze 500 mg.

This product is very helpful for my back and neck. I tried many different products, but Cryo Freeze helps with my pain.

Grateful for this product

I am grateful for the effectiveness of the CBD roll on. It gives me continuing temporary relief for my shoulder and hip pain. I highly recommend it.

Amazing product

I was having trouble with golfers elbow. Once I started using this product after my workouts I immediately notice that the pain and inflammation went down and I was able to continue to workout as the golfers elbow healed.



Got this for my son

Son has neuropathy and says it gives instant relief.

So helpful

Both products are great in helping relieve pain discomfort from small to more severe. Been using the roll-on for years. On my 5th? bottle probably. This is the first with the cream. After first use I knew this one was going to be in my pain help rotation. The only con is the smell is strong but it doesn't bother me, just wanted others to know. Hope this helps.

Instant icy relief!

Instant icy relief! The roll-on is my go-to for soothing sore muscles. Great product, a must-have.


I have been buying this product for a bit now. Relieves my pain and discomfort with joint pain.

Omax 3 is wonderful. It helps with my pain and indigestion. And there are no side affects

Life saver

I've been using Omax for years and now giving it to my 13 yr old dog for joint pain and inflammation. His hip stopped clicking lol I swear by Omax 🙏 thank you so much for a truly helpful healthy product! Loyal customer 🤗

We really use and appreciate these roll-ons and have even given friends samples. My ONLY complaint is that the short window specials are not offered at the first of the month when my Social Security loads. It is my budget problem, I know - but it would make it so much easier and better for me and many I know.