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Omax Reviews

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Omax 3 Inflammation support

I have taken this fish oil for over 5 years. It has helped very much with my digestive system with no side affects. I give this one a 10 out of 10

Game changer

My husband has suffered with low back issues/sciatica for years. Chiropractic and massage were providing only minimal results. After several days of using he Omaxhealth roll-on every night at bedtime, his discomfort and numbness is greatly improved! What a relief (literally) to find a product that provides results.

We love it

It is the best CBD for aches and pains that we have tried

Excellent product, been using this cryofreeze with hemp for 2 years . Highly recommend it .


This was recommended by a friend to me. I have ordered it twice and plan to order more. It is a great product! The Cryrofreeze Hemp Rollon is very effective also!

Fantastic product

I had terrible knee pain, after a few applications of Cryofreeze it felt much better. I apply it twice a day to keep my pain under control.

Great stuff

Works better than going to a doctor

use your product due to different achs and pains! your products is the only one produced that reliefs pain great 500mg!

It really works!

I think I've ordered this roll on product 3 or 4 times. I use it on my back & knees.

Omax 3

Seems to help relieve my achy joints and arthritis
Thanx omax


My husband and I are truly happy with our purchase. I have neck pain and this has done wonders for me. Will be purchasing again!

Excellent product and instant relief!

Amazing results !

Best pain reliever, roll-on I have tried!

Waiting to see results

My husband hasn't completed the 90 days and hasn't seen any results yet. Hoping to see a change soon.

The Best

Cryofreeze extra strength is the best for joint and muscle pain relief - we use it everyday

Great stuff

Our go to pain relief roll-on. This time it has helped with plantar fasciitis. We always keep some on-hand. You should too.

I love this product and it helps me so much!!

Best Probiotic on the Market

Great price and very effective at eliminating post-menopausal vaginal odor. I have tried many probiotics from the store and none compare. I recommend this to anyone.

Tried so many.

The best.

Prefer the old packaging

Great product

CBD roll on a must

I love this product. It works wonders in my ailments. I bought my husband and coworker one since it was tried and true ❤️❤️

Best roll on relief

I absolutely love this product. My GF was against using CBD products but she now uses it almost as often as I do.

Great Product

Relieve muscle and joint aches with a simple application.

Only product that really works!

I have many other products though the Omax Health Cryofreeze Hemp Extra Strength really causes felt results!! I was able to complete my run without pain recently having applied the Cryofreeze prior to starting!!


It brings me quick and lasting relief