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Omax Reviews

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80 yr old skeptic

My uncle was hesitant to try it, but now never says "no" to me applying it to his back.

Love it!

I bought this for my mom, who has chronic pain in her back and leg. She uses this when her pain medication isn’t enough and she says the relief she gets is amazing!

Beats the OTC Brands

I love OMAX no smell and long lasting roll on. Because of my spinal pain I couldn’t sit or walk for a long time. I put it on and I can sit through a whole volleyball game.

Absolutely love this, so glad I found it and put on subscription!

Stops the hand pain!

i have significant hand pain continually. Cryo-freeze Hemp roll-on extra strength. I apply it and have relief from my hand pain for about 45 minutes. That is long enough to get to sleep. I have found nothing else that gives that kind of relief.


Been taking them awhile now and actually believe my mind my memory and my reaction time has gotten a lot better..

Works Great

I’ve tried so many other pain killing roll-ons and nothing seemed to relieve my pain. Cryofreezee is different, just roll on and in minutes the pain is gone.

CryoFreeze is amazing

Amazing I-have been use it for a while, I have arthritis and the pain is unbearable sometimes, so I used cryofreeze and pain is gone.

Amazing how fast it works

I used it one time and was blown away at the speed it stopped my leg pain or where ever I rolled it on needles to say I gave one to my mother and sister and ordered 3 more bottles will not be without it from here on out

My wife is happy

My wife has had both knees replaced. The left knee has been twice replaced in little over a year. The roll on cryofreeze CBD has relieved her pain most of the time.

Great company

Great product works great. Received very quickly. Will continue to purchase

Excellent product

You sent me a request, but I'm not a new customer, I've been using your products for a few years now. I stepped up to your product after using biofreeze for a decade and a half. Personally I get way more relief from cryofreeze, originally I used it on my bad low back, but currently I have three tears in my right shoulder, so I'll use cryofreeze multiple times a day or night. Please don't stop making this stuff, it's a game changer for me!

For some things miraculous

My wife gets very bad TMJ headaches. The medication that they gave her took time to work and made her drowsy. She rolls this on her neck, back of the ear jaw line, and temple area and within 10 to 30 seconds the intense headache is gone. It is truly amassing how quickly it works on her TMJ headache.


many reorders

Great product

I really love this product. It’s great quality and no fishy taste at all. It comes sealed in a foil pack so you know they are fresh. Fast shipping and great customer service.

Really helps!

I have been using your cbd roll on for a while now. It really helps me keep the arthritis pain away, which is so helpful with my job. Thanks so much, and I will be ordering again.

Not Snake oil…!!

I wasn’t a believer ! My wife had back surgery and during recovery had this product recommended by several people. She tried it and it works , works so well she was able to reduce the dependence on the RX for pain. Neither of us wanted her to get addicted to Oxy. Watching her success to reduce pain using the CBD roll on, I tried it on my shoulders. Great at reducing the pains I had. Every night after a shower I apply the CBD roll on to my sore spots. I am a real believer now.

Not Sur I See the Difference From Regular Strength

The title says it. I don’t see any significant pain relief compared to reg strength

This product works!

I use it every day. I had rotator cuff pain in both shoulders. After using this daily, I can enjoy life with no pain from the shoulders. I also use it on arthritic joints. I highly recommend Cryo Freeze.

awesome Omax

Have been taking this product for about 3-4 yrs. Yearly blood work, proves this.. Been very happy since I saw the ad for this product

Works better than pain meds.

I have tried every thing and this is the only thing that gives me any relief. Keep up the god work!

3 Pack CryoFreeze® Hemp CBD Roll-On | Extra Strengt

I have tried other CBD products with varying results, When my orthopedic Dr told me to try your product I was amazed at how fast and effective it was.
I would strongly recommend this produict

Swollen feet, ankles, knees

I purchased 3 roll on cbd tubes and the lotion is refreshing and seems to give me relief of pain, for enough time, to walk upstairs, to walkout to mailbox, to complete small chores while walking. pain relief is for short duration but appreciated, knowing it’s not a dangerous drug

It works

It seems to perform as advertised. Glad to get some relief on my messed up rotor cuffs after workouts.