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Omax Health Product Reviews

Based on 987 reviews
DUO CryoFreeze CBD Pain Relief Roll-On
Greg Kimberlin (Jeffersonville, US)
Life Saver

I couldn't have gotten through Rotator Cuff Surgery with out Cryofreeze. I used it 4 times a day when I was doing my home PT. It helped me sleep at night and was perfect for my neck and back.

DUO CryoFreeze CBD Pain Relief Roll-On
Richard Werther (Novi, US)
Moderate Relief

Continues the trend of overselling the impacts of CBD. For all the hype, I have yet to find a CBD-based product that delivers as advertised. It did give an average measure of pain relief, maybe a little more than Biofreeze. Would I buy it again? I bought two cans of the roll-on and I'm only part way through the first, so the jury is still out. I do love the convenience of the roll-on application. Much less messy than any other topical relief product I've used.

CryoFreeze CBD Advanced Joint Defense
Stacey Gelina (Moberly, US)
Love this roll on!

I use this CBD roll on on all my joints. Really seems to help me.

It works

I absolutely love this product. It does what it says it will do. I highly recommend it.

CryoFreeze CBD Oil
Frank Gorenstein (Woodbridge, US)
Product is okay overpriced

Product is not strong enough doesn't do nearly as good of a job as some other products that I'm using.

CryoFreeze CBD Sport Cooling Cream
Deborah Bader (Hampton, US)
Lessened the pain

I use it on my hands and it has relieved much of the pain. Couldn't get an appt with a hand specialist for 2 months and didn't know if I could stand the pain for that long. But this product saved me! One more week before my appt.

CryoFreeze CBD Pain Relief Roll-On
Michael Golledge (Lakewood, US)
Great product

Works fast, relieves pain. Love the roll on cryofreeze.

CryoFreeze CBD Pain Relief Roll-On
Casey W. (Lander, US)

This product has worked for me and would recommend it for knee and shoulder pain.

Omax3® Ultra Pure Omega 3 Fish Oil
LINDA Pinney (Fort Lauderdale, US)

I have to have mine daily so I get it delivered monthly. This is the best supplement for my psoriatic arthritis , keeps my joints moving by reducing my inflammation. Thank you OMAX! No fishy burps, & easy on my digestion. Purity is very important to me so I choose the best product available.

CryoFreeze Ultimate Recovery Bundle
Allan Karsky (San Jose, US)
Awesome Products

These products are great. I have MS and I have severe nerve pain in my feet and I use the Sports Creme or the Spray at bedtime and most of the time it lasts all night without the pain waking me up. I have bad muscle spasticity also and I use the oil a couple times a day and have noticed a big difference in my spasms.

CryoFreeze CBD Pain Relief Roll-On
Gay Linn Edwards (Miami, US)
Works great

I keep this near the sofa so that when my arthritis or fibromyalgia flares up it is easy to grab and apply. I also have an issue at the base of my neck and itt is soothing and cools the hot ache that radiates from the affected spot. I use another brand of cbd cream as well just before bed but find this one gets me through the day. I like that it is a roll on so that I don't have to go and wash my hands after use. Good product and will buy it again when I start to run low. I heard about from Dan Bongino. He swears by it and I can see why.

CryoFreeze CBD Sport Cooling Cream
Judith Jones (Mabank, US)
Surprisingly Wonderful!

I've had pain in a knee after multiple falls for about 3 years. I didn't think anything would work and I tried many creams. I tried this really at the recommendation of a friend with a lot of doubt. Golly! It works! Love it!


My husband has literally forsaken all his other socks.
He has lost a toe in an accident, this has put stress and duress on the rest of his foot as it’s trying to compensate for the loss.
The compression and makeup of these socks perfectly cradles and strengthens his foot. My husband had me buy him another set he loves them so much.

CryoFreeze CBD Pain Relief Roll-On
Steve Ferguson (Gainesville, US)
Cool pain relief

I have used the roll on and foam which has a higher concentration of cbd oil. Both are thumbs up

DUO CryoFreeze CBD Pain Relief Roll-On
Rhonda Warner (Los Angeles, US)
Like Magic

I am amazed at how quickly the pain in my shoulder goes away as soon as I roll this on. I bought some for my 82 year old Mom, and my 58 year old sister with knee issues. They absolutely LOVE it.
I highly recommend this product.
Thank you for the relief.

CryoFreeze CBD Sport Cooling Cream
David Harris (Brooklyn, US)
Love the Omax!

Decided to give Omax a try after hearing about them on the Jim Cornette Experience, and I love it! I have a labral tear in my left shoulder, and Omax helps to get me through the physical therapy needed to heal the injury. I'll definitely be ordering again!

Cryofreeze CBD Advanced Joint Defense

Purchased this product for my 61 year old husband who is busy hoisting lumber around all day. He says it works great for keeping his joints moving and pain free. He uses this product in conjunction with Cryofreeze CBD Roll On, which I also use on my neck (degenerative disk disease) and bursitis in my arm. Love these products.

CryoFreeze CBD Pain Relief Roll-On
Jennifer stansfield (The Villages, US)

I was very skeptical when ordering but once I put it on my knee I was amazed..... it really works.
will defiantly buy again, as it has helped with my pain daily.

DUO CryoFreeze CBD Pain Relief Roll-On
Suzanne Bankston (Key Largo, US)
Great product!

I have sciatic pain and also have had 4 herniated discs in my c-spine from a swimming accident which led me to major neck surgery. I have pain daily and this product helps my chronic neck and back pain. I’m an ER RN and use this daily during and after my 12 hour shifts. Thanks Dan Bongino for suggesting this on your program!

He likes it

I bought this for my husband and it works really well for him. He was having trouble getting up and down the steps. Now he doesn't


This has been good for my knees and neck. It does provide enough relief to get through workouts and also when I'm on my feet all day.

CryoFreeze Foot & Body Relief Spray
eric peterson (Los Angeles, US)

Works alright. It's kind of messy when applied. Love the roller better. :)

CryoFreeze CBD Pain Relief Roll-On
Mindi Herrera (Farmington, US)
Holy "S" word!!!

This stuff is the BOMB!!! Works better than anything we've ever tried, and we have tried ALOT of stuff! Even better than Lidocaine cream!! Now my hubby can't live without it, so I guess I need to buy a case.....or ten :)
Thank you Dan Bongino for bringing this stuff to our attention! And thank you Omax people for inventing it!!

CryoFreeze CBD Pain Relief Roll-On
Snake Plissken (New Baltimore, US)
Easy to apply

CYROFREEZE CBD gave me muscle relief on my neck and knees.

CryoFreeze CBD Sport Cooling Cream
Christine Lepore (Rapid City, US)
Just OK

Expected much more from this product, especially with the CBD content. Have used on an elbow for over a week and haven’t noticed much improvement.