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Omax Health Product Reviews

Based on 1012 reviews

Everything that I have ordered from OMAX has gone above and beyond my expectations. I use OMAX roll-on, the cooling gel and the OMAX sports roll-on and my clients rave about the amazing effects they experience!! Several hours of pain relief, increased mobility and overall relaxation to muscles and joints!!! I wouldn't buy from ANY other company!!!!

Wanted to Love It

I was really looking forward to trying this, but unfortunately, it made me rather sick to my stomach, and I felt very depressed and like I just wanted to stay in bed. I do suffer from depression, so this made me feel even worse.

Only way it gets better is Extra Extra Strength!

I love the normal strength roll-on it works great, however….

The Extra Strength blew me away. My neck and lower back have been giving me issues lately and after using this I’m in infinitely less pain. The “burn” you get lasts a long while and I can feel it loosening the stiffness in my neck as well as ebbing away the pain in my back. If it came in an Extra Extra Strength I’d be in pain free heaven.


The cryo freeze extra strength works amazing I use it when I get up in morning and before I go to bed and I can actually sleep good


I always keep one of these in my purse and another in my locker at work. Life savor for my rotator cuff pain .

Works perfect for me!

I injured my back recently so a friend referred this product to me and it got rid of the pain in a few days.

blew my knee out during half marathon

blew my knee out during half marathon - glucosamine, "Move Free" did nothing for me but this worked after a week of use!


love this product. heard about it from the dan bongino radio show. i will be ordering moor


Worth every penny!

Very happy with the product. Works great for by back pain 🙂

Works very well

Very pleased with the Cyrofreeze roll on extra strength. I use it daily sometimes twice a day. Definitely recommend it.

Good Product

The CryoFreeze® Extra Strength Roll-On is a good product. I do not feel much difference that the standard.
I am using my 2nd bottle of the extra strenght and I am not sure I will purchase it again. I don't see or feel much difference.

Excellent Project

Excellent product! I originally thought this would be like any other product that doesn’t work, but not this stuff! This was recommended to me by my physician and I confirm this stuff works and works well. Pleasantly surprised!!!!! Well worth the money

O Shot

This product is fantastic! Quality oil & lives up to the hype!

Great product. Works very well.

Wonderful !!

This product took away the pain in my knees and ankles. I would highly recommend it. Also has a very nice pleasant smell.


Ever since I started using this product a few years ago, my vitamin D levels have been on-point. I would highly recommend Omega-3 also. All OMAX products are highly effective.

Relief of Neuropathic Foot Pain

I have tried just about everything to help my constant nerve pain as well as radicular pain from my back, in my feet. There are times when getting to sleep is impossible with the constant burning and throbbing in my feet. Part of my nighttime ritual now is to use the Cryofreeze Extra Strength roll-on. It dulls the pain so I can fall asleep. Of course, I use this during the day as well for the same reasons! I also roll it on my lower back to dull the pain there. I love this product and have given away all of the other topical remedies I've tried.

Love it!!!

This cream is incredible!! Loosens tight muscles and eases pain. My whole family loves!

CryoFreeze® Extra Strength Roll-On Review this product

My husband and I use this everyday, several times a day and we love it. It helps me to get through the day with less back pain.

This product works great.

I was skeptical when I first tried it, but after about 10 minutes I felt my lower back pain release. I like the gentle menthol/mint scent and effect.

Instant relief for neck pain.

I gave CryoFreeze a try because of Dan Bongino and boy was I rewarded. My neck had given me problems for years due to stress. Within seconds of rolling CryoFreeze along my neck where the pain was centered I had glorious relief. Highly recommend to anyone suffering aches and pains.

Excellent product

I bought this for my 86 year mother. She uses all kids of cream for joints. She tried it out in place of the normal pain relief. She liked it so much she had me order two more room-ones. She is in a walker and have care takers alway with her. Use many different topical pain creams. So far this is the best.

Works great!

I’ve been having rhomboid issues and this makes the discomfort go away for the whole day.

Great stuff

This product has worked great for me. I have stiff sore joints after working out and this has helped immensely.