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Omax Health Product Reviews

Based on 882 reviews
This really works!!

I sit at a desk all day so my neck and shoulders are always stiff. I’ve been rolling this on my neck for the past couple of nights and I’m amazed at how much better I feel already.

Cryofreeze CBD roll-on

Works well to relieve back/joint pain.

CryoFreeze Roll On

I have had positive results with this product on pain relieve in my knees and hands. I certainly recommend giving it a try. As for the O-Shot, I am still testing this product but the results seem promising.

Love this product

This really helps a rancher get through the night when the aches and pains are a bit much ( lower back, neck, and shoulder).. We've suggested this item to friends and family who are in love with it too.

Excellent for my joints

Since starting the cbd oil, my thumb pain has disappeared. I am a full time massage therapist, so this is huge!


I had my doubts! But I was pleasantly surprised by the relief I got after one application of Cyrofreeze CBD roll on. I have tried other products that didn’t work. It didn’t get rid of my shoulder pain completely but brought it down to a much tolerable level. I would recommend Cyrofreeze CBD

Works Great!

This stuff is perfect. Doesn't knock you out but eases you into sleep. I've been using it a month and absolutely love it!

Excellent product

Fantastic Product

Gave this as a gift to my Mother who has knee pain. She has had shots and medication from a doctor that just doesn't take away the constant pain. Cryofreeze cuts her pain in half for hours at a time so at least she can walk around stores. This is the most relief she has had in years!

surprisingly effective

I only bought this based on a rec from a youtube channel I watch. I had been having pains from a new kind of exercise. The pain would wake me up. I then applied the roll-on to the area and quickly it would go away. I was shocked at how instantly effective it is. Try it. You will have the pain relief you have been searching for.

Used daily

I use this product daily in order move around with less pain in my knees, I highly recommend to friends


Yeah applied it to my shoulders and back and cooled and numbed the pain.

Use of CYROFREEZE product

Cyrofreeze helps with my back pain. I put it on my lower back before bed and it helps prevent lower back pain during the night. I used to wake up two or three times a night to change positions to relieve back pain. I don't do that now. It also helps with shoulder pain. Th roll on applicator makes it easy to reach parts of my back.

It works so well!

I am so happy with this product. It relaxed my shoulders and lower back very quickly and made my muscle tightness go away with waves and hot and cold. I cannot recommend this product enough!

Great Stuff

I have bad knees and this stuff does wonders to keep me pain free. Worth every penny and more.

The ONLY lube

This is the only lube that I have found to tolerate let alone love. The only thing I wish is for more scents/flavors! It does wonders and a little goes a long way!

It works!

One of the few products I have found that actually relieves my lower back pain. My father uses it on his knee and says it works great for him as well.

Love these

I ordered these to wear at work. They are so comfortable that I am ordering more.

Great tingling feeling

Applied to my back and shoulder area - the tingling/ cooling sensation felt great! It feels like being in an ice bath.

My hand is back

I can finally use my hand without pain because of the Omax 3 Ultra Pure. They don’t upset my stomach and no fishy taste in my mouth later in the day.

Best thing I have ever used !!!

Great pain reliever

We have used Omax cryofreeze pain relief roll on and are very pleased with this product. We have used it for back pain, knee pain and joint pain. Cryofreeze worked very quickly to give relief. I highly recommend this product to everyone!

Best Roll on ever!

CBD Cyrofreeze is amazing. I buy it every month. I use it daily for neck relief. It helps with inflammation from the CBD and is way colder than other products on the market. 5 stars!!

Wake up feeling pain free

I have been using this product on my knees for a few weeks now. Intense cooling feel helps reside the pain, waking up with significantly less pain. Would recommend.

Aching 75 yr old man

lower neck / shoulders have been causing me discomfort for a few years. I have used Ibuprofin mostly for longer doing so as this roll-on has work like a champ. Also works on my knees before going for any distance walks.