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Omax Health Product Reviews

Based on 990 reviews
CryoFreeze CBD Sport Cooling Cream
Nancycat (North Richland Hills, US)
Miracle Product

I have probably 10 different skin cream products for pain and arthritis. I tend to alternate them to maintain effectiveness. I heard about this product on the Dan Bongino show and ordered my first a few months ago. And continue to order it, as it makes me feel better. Most recently my husband is recovering from a terrible bicycle crash in which he broke 14 ribs among other fractures. We have tried several of my pain creams, but he loves the Omax the best. When I apply it to the skin over the broken ribs he sighs and says that feels so cool, but so warm. He is able to sleep comfortably. This one is his favorite of all. I must say it is my favorite as well, as it relieves my arthritis pain immediately and lasts for hours.

Long relief

Can count on getting long relief.

CryoFreeze CBD Roll-On & Cream Duo
Donna Ward (Blue Ridge, US)
Very soothing

I use the cream on sore muscles and the roll on for my arthritic knee. Both give quick temporary relief. The cream is especially soothing on sore muscles.

CryoFreeze CBD Roll-On & Cream Duo
Jane Hole (Alpharetta, US)
Good stuff

Really like it.

DUO CryoFreeze CBD Pain Relief Roll-On
Kathryn Shinn (Pacoima, US)
Cryofreeze roll on

Have used on friends and family
Now I'm out and reached for some. Nothing brings relief as well or as quick as this. I need more asap!

CryoFreeze CBD Pain Relief Roll-On
james collins (Lompoc, US)
Works for Me

I have been using Cryofreeze CBD Pain Relief Roll-On for several years now. It is part of a pain relief regiment that includes prescription drugs to include other over the counter pain relievers. The roll on is very convenient and I often keep beside my pillow to use anytime at night pain is keeping me up. It usually takes three to four applications to result in noticeable pain reduction for me. I also like that it is non-greasy, so I can apply as often as I like and not feel a greasy build up cream fillers. The cooling mint feeling is like an ice pack without the ice bag. CBD results in mild pain relief for me, however not everyone responds equally to CBD extracts.

CryoFreeze CBD Oil

I use as a topical also, just a very tiny drop behind my ear or on my temple for severe headache/migraine pain

Amazing stuff

My wife and I pass this back and forth just about every night. We both have bad shoulders and side-sleeping is a painful reminder. Goes on smooth and absorbs quickly. Great relief anywhere we use it. My wife has lingering problems from a broken ankle and uses the roll on every day. We are very thankful for this product after hearing about it on the Dan Bongino show. Thanks Dan and thanks Omax!


I buy this for my wife, It helps her with arthritis aches and pain.

GREAT ! Products

so far, so good ! It does help with my joints. aches & pains . I also use the CBD oil along with it


Simply said, I trust this Omeg-3 ultra pure product. There is so much on the market today it can get very confusing as to which product to choose. I have taken omeg-3 for about 4 years and feel I could not do without it! It helps with my arthritis pain and inflammation .No fishy smell or taste! Love it!

O-Shot® CBD Arousal Oil for Women
Peytin Fitzgerald (Bloomington, US)
Bought my 3rd bottle!

I love this stuff so much. I am prone to vaginal pain with penetration and this work wonders! So great for foreplay too.

Love them enough to give away!

The Omax Cryofreeze is so good that I keep giving away my extra bottles to friends in need. In return I get much gratitude and Omax gets new clients. Win-win

CryoFreeze CBD Pain Relief Roll-On
This stuff works great

I have tried several CBD ointments and sprays that have all worked to some degree but never really relieved me of the pain. When I used this for the first time the pain slowly started to lessen and after a few days I was able to stop using it because the pain in my knee had finally stopped for a while. My husband is also a huge fan. He got a bad neck cramp that was bothering him and I kept telling him to use this. Finally on the second day he tried it and needless to say he know kept my bottle and I will have to order a new one. Would 100% purchase again.

Can't Do Without It!

First heard of your product on Dan Bongino's podcast and ordered it for my husband. He's had two shoulder surgeries in the past three years and I thought it would help him get through his PT sessions. This stuff is great! I've recently begun using it on my neck to help ease the inflammation from degenerative discs and I've shared it with my chiropractor who was very interested in your product. We will definitely keep it in stock at our house. Thanks!

Don’t pass up a great product!

Heard about this product in a Michael Savage podcast. Took his recommendation and tried it. I was not disappointed.It really works and I was completely satisfied. I let a friend try it who is suffering from tennis elbow and he ordered two bottles.

CryoFreeze CBD Pain Relief Roll-On
Jennifer Schaefer (Austin, US)
My husband LOVES this product!

I bought this for my husband about a year ago. He's tried other CBD balms, but says yours, hands down is the BEST! His only complaint is that he wishes it had a higher concentration of CBD.

CryoFreeze CBD Pain Relief Roll-On
Suzanne (Pottstown, US)
OMAX really works.

When suffering from sore knees that even o.t.c. medications won't resolve, OMAX to the rescue.

CryoFreeze CBD Pain Relief Roll-On
Chrissie Harter (State College, US)

I use this every day for lower back pain that I've had for years. It gives me such relief. My husband uses it on his hips and knees. So happy I found this product.

DUO CryoFreeze CBD Pain Relief Roll-On
Greg Kimberlin (Jeffersonville, US)
Life Saver

I couldn't have gotten through Rotator Cuff Surgery with out Cryofreeze. I used it 4 times a day when I was doing my home PT. It helped me sleep at night and was perfect for my neck and back.

DUO CryoFreeze CBD Pain Relief Roll-On
Richard Werther (Novi, US)
Moderate Relief

Continues the trend of overselling the impacts of CBD. For all the hype, I have yet to find a CBD-based product that delivers as advertised. It did give an average measure of pain relief, maybe a little more than Biofreeze. Would I buy it again? I bought two cans of the roll-on and I'm only part way through the first, so the jury is still out. I do love the convenience of the roll-on application. Much less messy than any other topical relief product I've used.

CryoFreeze CBD Advanced Joint Defense
Stacey Gelina (Moberly, US)
Love this roll on!

I use this CBD roll on on all my joints. Really seems to help me.

It works

I absolutely love this product. It does what it says it will do. I highly recommend it.

CryoFreeze CBD Oil
Frank Gorenstein (Woodbridge, US)
Product is okay overpriced

Product is not strong enough doesn't do nearly as good of a job as some other products that I'm using.

CryoFreeze CBD Sport Cooling Cream
Deborah Bader (Hampton, US)
Lessened the pain

I use it on my hands and it has relieved much of the pain. Couldn't get an appt with a hand specialist for 2 months and didn't know if I could stand the pain for that long. But this product saved me! One more week before my appt.