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Excellent Brain Food

I'm very pleased with Omax Cognitive Boost, in fact I've purchased and keep several month's supply just to make sure I always have some in stock. With it I've found my mental acuity and memory have improved, which in my line of work is imperative. Yes, I've tried other products, none of which seemed to have a noticeable affect -- that's why I plan on sticking with Cognitive Boost, because it works.


The Advanced Joint Defense appeared to work well, shipping was fast. The problem I have with it is it’s just to expensive at $59/month. If you had a program for retired seniors or something I would be interested. Also the Roll-on works well to.

Long lasting relief

Works great several family members loved the results

No junk

A lot of fish oil supplements have “junk” added, these are pure through and through.

OMAX sleep review

Had I known about OMAX sleep six months ago I would not have retired early. It enables me to get the necessary sleep to be mentally sharp the next day.

Were they a gift from Dad?

While cleaning my parents' home after my dad passed away, I found an unopened pair of CircuMax Sport Socks. Hmmm...was this a hint from my dad? I took home the socks and wore them the next day. I loved them! They did help with the compression - no swollen feet....they were warm but I didn't feel like I had sweaty feet. My vascular surgeon has prescribed compression socks, but they always hurt my feet even while they help the swelling in my legs. I immediately ordered 4 more pair of CircuMax Sport Socks. Now I am looking to see what other options you have.


This product works well and has quality ingredients

Terrific Product

I have been waking up with achy joints. I ordered this product and have been totally satisfied with the results. I feel energized because my body does not ache anymore. Will order again.

Works pretty darn good

Heard about product on the Jim Cornette podcast, so ordered it. Fast shipping and delivery. I've used BioFreeze and other variants before, but this CryoFreeze has worked the best for me. Dosen't dry super fast, but once it sets in its instant relief without the intense chill or heat. It's a subtle yet noticeable feeling where applied. Highly recommend.


I use this product for my sore neck and shoulders. I apply once in the morning and don't think about it for the rest of the day. Very effective.

Simple and effective

I love that it's a roll on so there is no mess! It feels good for much longer than I thought.

Works really good

I use this on my lower back. I roll it on after taking a shower and it definitely works. Sometimes I use it morning and evening. After using it couple of days I can go a few days without it. Will be buying more as needed.

My feet are happy!

I love these socks! I’m a house painter and am on my feet ALL day long. Im not only in constant motion, but up and down ladders as well. My feet get tired. I bought several pair of these over a year ago and wear them every day and the fit is great with all of my different shoes and boots. I cannot overstate the benefits of these. My feet hold up as long as need to be on them. I bought three more pair for myself and recently and gifted several to my son as well. He is a sushi chef and he says the same thing I do, “love them!”.

great product

I am very pleased with the Cryofreeze roll on cbd. Fast acting and does what it is advertised to do.


i was using biofreeze and other cbd creams for my neck and back. Now I do both in product which saves me a lot of money. It stays colder longer than most other products. It has Arnica which is really good. I will be buying this product every month and not using other products. It has helped my neck tremendously!

The best!!

Everything about this product is amazing. Smells, tastes and feels great!


The roll on works very well. I use it before the gym, and when I feel aches from the rain. It is a great product

CBD biofreeze

More helpful than the biofreeze w/o CBD

The cooling effect can't be overstated!

I use it for the pain in my shoulders and it works great. The cooling effect is fantastic! All I can say is, "try it." I am a 46 year old weightlifter and I use it everyday.


This stuff worked extremely well. I have a knee issue. This gives me relief when I need it on my days I use my knee a lot.

It Does The Job!

I bought this for my wife hoping to bring a little more intensity to our love life. Simply put.... It works! The big "O" is more intense, climax heightened, and smells/tastes great! (mint chocolate chip!)


I love this roll on pain reliever! My son-in-law got me started on it and I love it! I have a bottle in my bedroom and kitchen so there is always one handy!

Refreshing and relaxing

I've used icy hot and CBD separately in the past and expected the roll on to be a blend of the two, but i was soo so wrong! The menthol cooling sensation feels nothing short of an arctic blast on your skin which lasts for HOURS without reapplying. I was amazed the first time I used it and have continued to be so each time since because of the long lasting menthol sensation. I tend to have muscle strain in my neck and shoulders from working at a desk. Lately, as soon as I notice a twinge of discomfort or tightness I roll on some CryoFreeze and bask in the deep muscle relaxation. Thanks OMAX!

CBD Advance Joint Defense

If you get sore joints from exercise or anything else this product will work for you. Along with the Sport Recovery Cream these two will ease your pain.