Omax Health Reviews

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OMAX3 Usage

I believe that the set of six is my fourth set, since seeing the product on tv one night, reaching it, asking some known user of the product, decided to give it a try, as stated, around 30 days of usage, began to become aware of my knee issues, am a avid bowler, noticed that the pain, loss of knee strength has been less and became nonexistent issue. As Military combat Vet, knee issues is a major problem, the use of OMAX has resolved the VA recommendation of knee replacement for me. Not saying this will give the same results for others, but do recommend trial attempt.

My favorite socks!

Most comfortable socks I have ever worn hands down. My feet sweat a lot and Even though these socks are pretty thick they are still extremely comfortable in the midst of summer.

Omega 3 advantages

Meet and excels the standard. Seems to help my aching joints quickly.

Best socks ever

I wear these socks when I go walking and because they are thick and well made, they help me have a comfortable walk and pad my feet well. I highly recommend them. I now have 3 pairs

I seem a bit more alert in the AM

I started taking this product 30 days ago- lately I've noticed I'm more functional in the morning, even before I've had my first cup of coffee.


I've been taking this Omega3 and absolutely LOVE it.
I feel like I am sharper, have more energy and am happy to be putting such a high quality product in my body.
I'm also excited to see how much my cholesterol comes down next time I get it checked.
Highly Reccomend

Sooooo good.

I have been using this product for the last 3 months, and the change is phenomenal. I would always get an afternoon slump, but now I take this supplement and I have energy and sharpness that I haven't had in years! It took 3-4 days for me to see the results. I wasn't expecting them. All of the sudden I would find myself up sweeping and making phone calls at 3 pm, when I would usually be ready to wind down... It is phenomenal!


I have better memory, less scatter-brain and an overall feeling of wellness.
I LOVE that I feel better than I did before I started. I can tell this is a quality item.