Avoid These 4 Foods To Keep Your Brain Healthy

Avoid These 4 Foods To Keep Your Brain Healthy

Our brain health is connected to our diet.

You probably already think about eating foods that benefit your brain health, but have you considered which foods can have a negative impact? Even some things you might see as healthy can contribute to cognitive decline. Check out this list to see what you should avoid eating for the sake of your mind.

1. Tuna fish

Many people eat fish to benefit the brain because it’s packed with healthy omega-3s. Tuna, however, can contain mercury, the consumption of which can have negative side effects on your brain. According to Men’s Health Magazine, a study showed that people with high levels of mercury in their blood scored 5 percent lower on a mental exam than people with low blood mercury levels.

2. Syrups

Chances are you’ve heard of health dangers associated with high fructose corn syrup, but all sweet syrups can be bad brain food. According to the Huffington Post, syrups are an easy way to consume dangerous levels of added sugar. The source noted that you want to avoid consuming more than six teaspoons of added sugar. Men’s Health reported that many syrups, such as agave syrup, contain high levels of fructose, a substance known to disturb brain signals and make you feel foggy.

3. White bread

This school lunch favorite is processed and lacks brain-healthy fiber, according to The Huffington Post. Simple carbohydrates like the ones found in white bread are bad for blood sugar and cholesterol, reported The New York Times. Try making your sandwich with 100 percent whole grain bread instead.

4. Egg whites

Eat the whole egg! Forgoing the yolk in your morning omelet isn’t as healthy as you might think. According to Men’s Health, the yolk contains the neuroprotective choline. Choline has been linked to higher scores in memory tests and is speculated to help prevent mental decline as you age, noted the source.

You need to consider this!

Because your brain’s health is of utmost importance, you’ll want to minimize your consumption of these foods and find healthier alternatives. A good option when it comes to getting your healthy omega-3s without any mercury is a supplement like Omax3. Omax3 is the premium supplement available on today’s market and contains 91 percent concentrated omega-3.

Essential Takeaways

  • To keep your brain healthy, avoid eating tuna fish, syrups, white bread and egg whites.
  • To still get beneficial omega-3s without consuming anything harmful, try the supplement Omax3.

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