51 Year Old Woman, Looks 20 Reveals Her Anti-Aging Secrets!

51 Year Old Woman, Looks 20 Reveals Her Anti-Aging Secrets!

Aging is inevitable, but we can still take steps to prevent it.

Can it really be this easy? These steps are relatively, but they do require a consistent effort. These methods obviously work for this remarkable Japanese woman. In this video from Natural Remedies, she shares her simple workouts, diet tips and skin care methods that have kept her ageless.

From Natural Remedies Youtube:

She is 51 but looks 20 and without a single wrinkle! Here I would like to share with you how to become younger! Suitable for both men and women. Yamada Keiko is 51 years old but she looks only 30 years old. She did not do plastic surgery and totally relied on natural beauty-care and anti-ageing therapy.

Yamada Keiko (F) is 51 this year. She was born on 17 January 1966. Yamada is a Japanese artist, host, model and entrepreneur. She bagged the first prize during the 2012 Tokyo Second Phase Beauty Contest. She was also selected for having “The Most Beautiful Natural Skin Make-up”. Many housewives said Yamada Keiko gave them new hope and showed them that age is not a barrier to beauty. How is it possible for a 50-year-old person to look like a 30-year-old? Yamada Keiko would like to share with you her health care secret.

She shares her secrets.

Yamada Keiko likes to practice yoga. Yoga exercise can promote blood circulation, accelerate the heart beats, and also increase sweating. Its deep breathing and body twisting-bending exercises can bring about massaging and stimulation of excretory organs. Regular yoga practice is very good for body toxin disposal.

Avoiding the sun is key for ageless skin.

Practice weekend belly slimming hot dance. Besides daily yoga practice, Yamada Keiko also engages in weekend belly slimming hot dance in order to mold her sentiment and reduce body weight. Accompanied by rhythmic music, yoga can soothe the mind and defuse tension as well. Every time she goes out Yamada Keiko would do proper and thorough sunscreen preparation. Even during winter time she would not be careless about this. Her treasures include scarf, sun hat, sun glasses, long sleeve shirts and trousers. These are used to block solar radiation, thereby preventing skin ageing. Sunlight is the biggest culprit for destroying collagen and elastic fibre of the skin, which leads to increased aging.

Yamada Keiko likes to drink honey-date tea. Dates are the best blood nourishing food and honey is the treasure trove of almost 10 types of vitamins and organic acids. Honey is good for fighting ageing, moisturizing the skin, prevent constipation as well as lightening the skin complexion. Yamada Keiko uses cocoon to wash her face once a week. She soaks the cocoon in the water and then uses it to gently rub on her face. According to her, this method can clean the face very effectively besides improving the skin elasticity and firming the skin.

She avoids these foods.

Yamada Keiko said she would try her best to avoid eating food such as:
Ajinomoto (MSG), pickles, bubble gum, pop-corn, 3 in 1 coffee, sugar, instant noodles, fried stuff and other snacks.
She eats many different types of vegetables on a daily basis to become more healthy.
Be it cold winter or hot summer, Yamada Keiko would try her best to do water replenishment repeatedly. She would use toner and emulsion alternately accompanied with gentle massaging to make the skin supple.
In her programme, she mentioned that happy smile and good mood are the secret weapons of appearing young. She likes to watch comedies in order to make herself happy and able to laugh heartily. Yamada also likes to take her dog for a walk to the park. She tries her best daily to keep her mood good and not to take things too seriously.

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