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Introducing CryoFreeze CBD: 10 Key Ingredients for Roll-On

Introducing CryoFreeze CBD: 10 Key Ingredients for Roll-On

Cryotherapy has boomed in popularity recently, and for good reason. While we’ve always known about the positive effects of cold therapy—cryotherapy takes it one step further.

Omax Health is proud to announce the next iteration in cryotherapy. Our CryoFreeze™ CBD roll-on formula treats aches, pains, tension, bruising and more, using 10 key ingredients. It’s a powerful topical application you can take anywhere to get the soothing effects of cutting-edge cryotherapy in minutes!

Cryotherapy, in a Nutshell

Cryotherapy works by stimulating the central nervous system. In a full-body cryotherapy session, the air around the body drops to extremely low temperatures, reducing inflammation. In topical applications, cooling agents treat the affected area, which stimulates a localized response.

Benefits range from reduced pain, swelling and inflammation, to better range of motion, flexibility and healing.

Bringing Cryotherapy and CBD Together

Topical cryotherapy products have become popular in recent years because they deliver benefits on-the-go. A basketball player can rub on a topical treatment at halftime, just as easily as a tennis player can manage an ongoing condition every few days. The problem, however, is that most topical treatments are only cooled numbing agents.

This isn’t the same as true cryotherapy!

CryoFreeze™ CBD distinguishes itself from other topical cooling gels and creams by providing relief that’s true to cryotherapy. That’s where the CBD comes in! Our soothing roll-on formula is mentholated, while administering cannabidiol (CBD) for pain relief at a cellular level. It takes effect in just 15 minutes and lasts for up to 8 hours!

10 Key Ingredients

More than menthol and CBD, CryoFreeze™ CBD deploys 10 key ingredients to fight pain, soreness and inflammation, wherever and whenever they strike. The main ingredients in our formulation include:

  • Cannabidiol (CBD) 150mg: Full-spectrum CBD elevates natural levels of pain-relieving endocannabinoids, decreases inflammatory response and desensitizes pain receptors.
  • Menthol 8.5% (clinical-grade): Triggers cooling sensation on skin and hinders nerve impulse transmission.
  • Peppermint Oil: Slightly numbing to relieve muscle and nerve pain, while also offering anti-bacterial benefits.

In addition, CryoFreeze™ CBD is packed with active ingredients designed to soothe the skin and penetrate deeper, delivering restorative benefits to muscles, joints and nerves:

  • Arnica: Aids in improving skin circulation and helps heal bruising quickly.
  • Aloe Vera: Promotes healing and is soothing to the skin.
  • Boswellia: Contains natural acids with anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Ilex: A skin protectant that’s soothing, offering relief for skin irritation.
  • Glucosamine: Protect joint tissues and improves function.
  • Camphor: Increases blood flow and reduces pain and swelling.
  • Chondroitin: A building block for cartilage, for stronger joints.

All these ingredients work together to deliver therapeutic relief quickly. From athletes to weekend warriors, clinical professionals to everyday individuals—anyone can roll on CryoFreeze™ CBD and experience the benefits for themselves!

Delivering Therapeutic Benefits

If you’re not someone familiar with cryotherapy, the name can sound a little daunting. Don’t worry—you’re not going to freeze! CryoFreeze™ CBD is a carefully formulated product for everyday topical use. That means powerfully penetrating relief, without equipment or negative temperatures. Here are just some of the benefits you may experience:

  • Pain relief
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Increased mobility
  • Reduced stiffness
  • Increased flexibility

The Idea Behind CryoFreeze™ CBD

We’ve formulated CryoFreeze™ CBD based on our own experiences with nagging pains and ongoing sports injuries. We’ve been where you are. A hamstring issue that’s got you limping. Tennis elbow that hurts every time you bend it. Shoulder pain that limits your mobility. All these things come with the territory of being active. And, unfortunately, all of them will prevent you from staying active.

CryoFreeze™ CBD is meant to be powerful and easy-to-use, so you can take advantage of it as soon as pain comes into the picture. No waiting in agony for days while you set up a physiotherapy appointment. No popping painkillers like they’re candy. Instead of rubbing dirt into your injury, rub in CryoFreeze™ CBD and get the relief you’re looking for.

Whether you’re on the court, coming off the field or just at home, CryoFreeze™ CBD takes seconds to apply. It gives your body a chance to heal properly, so you’re not constantly reminded of nagging soreness or chronic inflammation. And, best of all, it’s all-natural, giving your body everything it needs to experience cryotherapy the right way.

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