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What is Omax3?

Omax3® is a proprietary and patented omega-3 fish oil supplement developed by Yale-affiliated scientists to provide potent and natural anti-inflammatory benefits. Each softgel is 93.9% pure omega-3 fatty acids, so you get clinical strength results. 

What is the ProResolv Formula?

The ProResolv Formula was developed by Yale-affiliated scientists after years of researching the therapeutic effects of EPA and DHA, found in omega-3 fatty acids.  By using a highly purified and patented 4:1 ratio of EPA to DHA omega-3 fatty acids, the ProResolv Formula specifically targets joints and heart health.

Do I get enough omega-3 from my diet?

More than 70% of the population is deficient. Two omega-3 essential fatty acids called EPA and DHA, found in fish, have been shown to promote a healthy heart and proper inflammation response. Many foods that are high in omega-3 that aren't fish (like flaxseed and walnuts) are also high in omega-6, which is a pro-inflammatory and negates the beneficial anti-inflammatory effects of omega-3.

How much Omax3 should I take?

For adults, we recommend you start with 2 softgels (1500 mg) per day for optimal health and wellness, and 3-4 softgels a day (3000 mg) for imbalance or joint discomfort. Take with a meal and Omax Vitamin D for maximum bioavailabilty.

How quickly can I expect to see any benefits from taking Omax3?

It may take some time for you to adjust to the new balance of omega-3 in your body. While many people feel results right away, it could take up to 90-days to get the full benefit of Omax3. Consistency is the key.

How is Omax3 different from other omega-3 supplements?

Omax3 was designed with a patented 4:1 EPA to DHA formula to maximize the inflammation-resolving support provided by omega-3 fatty acids.  It was also created with 93.9% pure omega-3 concentrate, while the top selling brands of fish oil, and krill oil only contain about 30% omega-3.

 What type of fish does omax3 come from and how can I be sure it is not contaminated with mercury or other pollutants?

Omax3 contains omega-3 acid ethyl esters from wild-caught and sustainable anchovies and sardines.  Omax3’s exceptional purity is a result of double molecular distillation - a process that takes place in a vacuum and uses no heat and special enzymes to remove harmful levels of saturated fats and toxins, such as mercury, lead, and PCBs commonly found in fish. We have two certificates of analysis for each batch assuring purity and concentration.

What about Krill Oil? Isn't that better?

Omax3 contains 16x the amount of Omega-3 EPA and DHA than the leading Krill Oil. Omax3 is well tolerated due to its high level of purification.

What is EPA and DHA?

EPA and DHA are essential fatty acids that your body can’t make. These essential fatty acids are omega-3 fats, which are found in cold water fish. EPA and DHA are highly unsaturated fats that are vital nutrients and are absolutely necessary to maintain the healthy function of our bodies.

Is DHA good for the brain?

DHA is a building block of tissue in the brain and retina of the eye. It helps with forming neural transmitters, which is important for brain function. DHA is found in the retina of the eye and taking DHA may be necessary for maintaining healthy levels of DHA for normal eye function.

Is EPA good for muscles and joints? 

EPA is important to help your body regulate inflammation.  EPA supports your immune system to regulate inflammation throughout the body and reduce pro-inflammatory processes.  Inflammation is the root cause of most health concerns and can reduce range of motion and causes stiffness in muscles and overused joints.


Are there any medical precautions?

We recommend you consult your healthcare professional before starting any nutritional supplement regimen. Do not exceed 3000 mg or use if you are pregnant or nursing a child, suspect a medical condition or are taking prescription drugs. Omax3 is not intended for use by children under the age of 12 without the supervision of a healthcare professional.


How long will my order take?

We process orders Monday through Friday and ship from Maine, USA. Typically orders take 7-10 business days to arrive, depending on your location.

How do I track my order?

Shipping, tracking, and order information will be emailed to the address you used to make your purchase if available. Questions about your order? Send us an email to

What is your return policy?

Before making your purchase, please read supplement details, research ingredients, and contact your physician with any questions.  With that said, your satisfaction is our top priority. If you’re not 100% in love with your first purchase, simply return the unopened product within 30 days of purchase for a full refund (less shipping and handling). Please note: customers will be responsible for all return shipping fees.

Products must be returned in their unopened and original packaging with proof of purchase through one of our websites.

How do I change, cancel, skip my subscription?

If you purchased by phone, you’ll need to contact customer care at 1-800-765-6691 (M-F 8am to 8pm EST) to manage your subscription. If you purchased online, you can click on account management to manage your account.