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Maybe you've been running for a while and are happy with your endurance level. Now, you want to reach new goals, like running faster, running farther, and having less muscle discomfort after you run. If you set goals, they will motivate you. Setting goals helps you push yourself to see how far you can run and how fast you can go.

Give Yourself the Competitive Edge

Whether you are running to beat the competition or you are running to beat your personal best, premium nutritional supplements can help. These supplements rely on the latest scientific research and technology. They have been proven to supplement your diet and potentially improve your performance on the track.

We found supplements that can help you do the following:

  • Minimize discomfort after a run
  • Improve joint flexibility and health
  • Improve energy levels and endurance

Joint and Muscle Pain after Running

When you pick up the pace with your run, expect some discomfort. Your body is not used to you going as fast, so you mentally have to get ready for what that means.

When you pick up the pace, you are going to lose your breath. Your muscles and legs are going to burn. All of this feels uncomfortable at first. With time, though, your mind and body will get accustomed to the sensation. You may reach a point where you look forward to the added exertion.

If pushing yourself is such a good thing, you may wonder why you feel discomfort as you run harder. This is because of a phenomenon known as delayed onset muscle soreness. When your muscles are forced to work harder or your muscles are forced to work in a different way, it causes microscopic damage to muscle fibers. Therefore, your muscles get sore and feel stiff. Many mistakenly think that this muscle soreness is because lactic acid is building up. But lactic acid is not involved in this process.

What about joint pain? Why do you feel pain in your joints as you increase the intensity of your running?

Well, the first thing to debunk is the myth that running will ruin your knees. There are major studies that show that endurance running does not damage your health. In fact, if you use the right form as a runner, you should have healthier joints than people who are inactive.

Running using the proper form should strengthen your bones and muscles. It should make cartilage stronger and allow your joints to support more pressure, becoming less prone to injury.

However, if you notice that your joints hurt more as you increase your workout, you may need to look at improving your form, addressing muscle imbalances, and factoring in the possibility of genetic diseases, such as arthritis. Pain of any sort, and especially pain connected to increased exercise, is something that researchers are still looking to better understand. Two runners can have the same biomechanics. One may get injured, and the other one does not. Some variables include sleep quality, nutrition, and psychological factors, such as being afraid of getting injured.

CryoFreeze CBD Advanced Joint Defense

CryoFreeze CBD Advanced Joint Defense is a product produced by Omax. It is designed to address muscle and joint pain after a strenuous run.

This product contains NEM eggshell membrane which has been clinically shown to minimize joint pain from aging and overuse in as little as seven days. As a multi-action formula with hemp CBD, this supplement can help by:

  • Reducing joint inflammation
  • Reducing joint stiffness
  • Improving joint health
  • Improving flexibility

The combination of beta-caryophyllene and full-spectrum hemp CBD make CryoFreeze CBD Advanced Joint Defense the optimal solution for sport recovery. It can even be used by non-runners to minimize the discomfort and stiffness of everyday aches and pains. This supplement should be taken daily for maximum results. It has zero % THC, so you won’t get high.

Improve Endurance to Maximize Your Running

Runners need two types of endurance. Muscular endurance is how long your muscles can do a particular thing. Cardiovascular endurance is how long your heart and lungs can supply you with the oxygen and blood flow needed.

When most people think about endurance, they think about cardiovascular endurance. When they increase the intensity of their run, they run out of breath. Their heart will beat like crazy. However, a person can have unbelievable cardiovascular endurance but lack muscle and joint strength. They will be able to run for a long time, but their run will always be slow.

They may run for a long time and not get winded. However, when they wake up in the morning, their legs are so sore that they can barely walk. These are examples of individuals whose cardiovascular endurance far outpaces their muscular endurance.

There are other runners who are on the opposite side of the spectrum. They can run for days and their legs never get sore. However, they are always gasping for breath. For these people, their muscular endurance is outpacing their cardiovascular endurance.

There are several things that runners can do to improve their muscular and cardiovascular endurance. One of the best things they can do is get better sleep.

A general rule of thumb is that you should add one minute of sleep each night for each mile you run during the week. This means that if you typically need eight hours of sleep to feel well-rested, but you are running 50 miles each week, every night you should sleep eight hours and 50 minutes.

Sleep is important because sleep is when your body is creating the growth hormones needed to stimulate growth and repair. If you are sleep deprived, your body is not producing as much HGH. Your muscles will suffer as a result.

Sleep allows a runner's body to synthesize protein, boost their immune system, create new cells, and repair tissue. And as any runner knows, trying to run without getting enough sleep makes you feel sick. You feel like you can’t push yourself. With sleep deprivation, your body has a harder time turning carbs to glycogen.

Omax Sleep CBD

Omax Sleep CBD is designed to help runners get the sleep their body needs for proper recovery and endurance. This product can help you improve sleep thanks to its:

  • Full-spectrum hemp CBD
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Lemon balm
  • L-Theanine

Thanks to its hemp CBD content, Omax Sleep CBD not only lets you sleep longer but helps you sleep better. Incorporating this product in your daily routine will help support your immunity, strengthen bones, strengthen muscles, and improve joint function. This product has zero % THC, so you will not get high.

Being a Mentally Tough Runner

Improving your running is a combination of physical conditioning and mental toughness. While there are quantifiable ways to measure physical conditioning, things are a little more nebulous with the concept of mental toughness.

Basically, mental toughness is the ability to respond when a person feels uncomfortable or when they face a challenge or an obstacle. Mental toughness is a concept that centers on the “how.” The two defining factors of mental toughness are willingness and optimism.

Willingness is a person’s inclination to endure increased physical intensity. It is the determination that a runner needs to maintain their pace across a set distance or for a set time. Willingness is the determination to stay the course without backing down or giving up.

Optimism is the belief that at a future date the desired outcome can be obtained. For example, a runner who wants to run a mile in under eight minutes will continue to push themselves because they have the mental toughness and the optimism to know that with time they will meet their goal.

To build mental toughness, a runner needs to connect to the why. They need to understand why they will endure muscle pain and joint discomfort. They need to see the link between their efforts and their long-term goal.

They need to find a way to succeed as opposed to an excuse. Self-talk is key to willingness and optimism. We can either talk ourselves into doing something that is more difficult or talk ourselves out of it.

Runners need to train purposefully in unpleasant conditions. And they need to practice every single day.

Remember, the human brain has been designed to scan for danger and seek protection. This means that when your exercise routine becomes difficult, your brain is going to start sending signals telling you that you are reaching a dangerous point and that you should stop. This is where mental toughness comes in and gets you over those hurdles.

Of course, mental toughness, like every other thought and emotion, is your body’s response to chemical and electrical signals. Therefore, by supplementing your brain, you can increase your ability to endure.

Omax® Boost Brain Health Supplement

The Omax® Boost Brain Health Supplement is an omega-3 brain health supplement. It improves your cognitive skills, including memory, focus, and energy, thanks to the dual-action formula of concentrated omega-3 DHA and alpha GPC.

These pharmaceutical strength ingredients have been clinically validated to support optimal brain health. You may notice a boost in neurotransmitter activity, which will increase your focus, concentration, and energy.

This product may help improve mental focus without relying on caffeine. The proprietary technology behind Omax® Boost Brain Health Supplement was created to improve overall ingredient bioavailability. This means that you achieve max results longer.

Can Supplements Help Runners?

Absolutely. Runners strive to get most of their nutrition from whole foods. They avoid relying excessively on supplementation. However, runners push their body at a level that most people do not. They may need supplements to give their body a boost.

Unlike high-intensity workouts, running is 100% endurance. Sure, a person can put one foot in front of the other. However, unless they keep doing it mile after mile and at a decent pace, they are not getting the most out of their workout.

Runners can take their bodies to the limits of their endurance and then go beyond. Of course, when a person surpasses the body’s natural limit of endurance, they need an energy reserve to keep pushing forward. This is where the right running supplements help.

Supplements give runners what they need to keep going kilometer after kilometer and hour after hour. By focusing on proper nutrition and coupling that with the right supplements, runners can feel confident that they are putting the most into their workout and are getting the most out of it.

Besides the products we’ve mentioned, omega 3 fish oil, calcium, zinc, and magnesium can empower a runner's endurance and keep them going. Whether it is a 5K run or an ultramarathon, as long as your body has the right nutrients, you all always have what you need to make it to the finish line.