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Purity & Transparency

Doctors and scientists around the world are buzzing about the potential health benefits of CBD and other hemp plant cannabinoids. But not all CBD is created equal. Omax is leading the way with premium quality and state of the art processing. 

CryoFreeze CBD

CryoFreeze CBD is developed with the highest quality CBD extracted from U.S organic hemp. The high potency CBD with zero % THC*, is combined with advanced recovery ingredients for optimal results.

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Not all CBD is Created Equal

The quality and potency of CBD in products can vary dramatically. To determine the actual CBD content in your products, look for hemp CBD products that provide certificates of analysis for each batch. 

Only Omax delivers the powerful benefits of CBD with Canna Microsphere Technology -scientifically tested to be more bioavailable than standard CBD oil.

Sourced from the best

We use organic, premium-quality hemp harvested with strict, and sustainable hemp practices.

Pressed and distilled

Using super critical CO2 processing, our hemp extracts are processed without chemicals for exceptional purity.

Third party tested

Each batch obtains a certificate of analysis to ensure contents, purity and concentration.