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5 Ways to Add Exercise to Your Swamped Schedule

5 Ways to Add Exercise to Your Swamped Schedule

Think you are too busy to exercise? Think again.

It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of our schedules. With all of us working harder and longer, the things we should be making a priority get thrown to the side. You might know what we’re talking about. Healthy eating, consistent exercising, and getting enough rest are usually the first things we neglect when our schedules get too overwhelming.

Here are the five ways you can add exercise to your already busy schedule:

1. Add more walking.

This may seem like a minor change, but actively focusing on walking more will help you in the long term. Incorporating walks into your daily routine, especially if you are able to move around at work. Have an important business call? Take it outside and go for a walk. The exercise will help you stimulate your brain with additional blood flow. Another additional benefit is that it’ll speed up your heart rate, providing cardiovascular benefits in the process.

2. Stand more.

Sitting too much is bad for your health, but more occupations have us sitting more than ever before. If you have the ability to do so, stand at your job. Hear us out. It’s been shown in various studies that standing more increases the number of calories burned in comparison to sitting. Standing more can also help with back pain, weight loss, and may possibly help lower the risk of heart disease. Even if you just stand for 5 minutes or so every hour, it’ll still help you out with blood flow.

3. Multitask.

Is your schedule so unforgiving that you can’t make any time to get out and exercise? Maybe you should consider multitasking. Waiting while something is heating up in the microwave? That could be a time to do a quick workout. Have 30 minutes to kill while your laundry washes? Maybe go out for a quick walk or two around the block. Doing multiple things at once can have the benefit of burning calories and keep your blood flowing.

4. Skip that elevator.

We get it. You just got to the office and what you want to do is relax before you tackle the day’s work. But, if you’re struggling to make time to exercise, the easiest thing you can do to cram in exercise is to take the stairs. It’s definitely something to consider if you only have one or two floors to go. Taking the stairs provides a multitude of benefits. It’s an excellent way to boost your cardiovascular system. It also builds up your stamina and strengthens your entire lower body.

5. Ultimately, just plan ahead.

When it all comes down to it, sitting down and planning ahead is the final step to tackling exercise on a busy schedule. You can create blocks of time in your schedule specifically for exercise. Maybe if you have a long lunch break, block aside that time to cram in an extra long walk. Find the gaps in your day. Trust us. You will find them and it’ll make it easier to schedule time.

We get it. Our schedules are crazier than ever. However, with the tips that we’ve listed above, all of us can make time to exercise in small and big ways. All it comes down to is making smaller habitual changes to our daily routines. Whether it’s taking the elevator or making times for walks, incorporating exercise daily is achievable.

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